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Holy Crap, When Did I Turn into a Man?

Posted on the 10 May 2011 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

The lawn needs to be mowed, but the playoffs are on…

I mean, ok…it was coming for a while. The car obsession, asking for tools for Christmas and now this.

My Dad must be so proud of me.

Or at least he would be if I was his oldest SON, not his oldest daughter. Not that he minds, I think he finds it fairly amusing, since my brother is too far away and has other things on his mind, like a cute girl and having babies and stuff. I am sooo good with that, I will fill in the gap while he isHoly crap, when did I turn into a man? otherwise occupied. I will take one for the team. Anything to get to hold that little baby princess in less than five months.

I am a hard core hockey fan, my child rolls his eyes and moves downstairs when a game comes on. He says I yell too loud, and the tv can’t hear me.

Well someone can hear me I am sure. The neighbours that are pretty far away can probably hear me.

My grass is really out of control now though. I was going to mow it tonight because it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I am guessing it is gonna have to wait til Friday. It will be ridiculously long, it will choke the riding mower, I will be cursing myself for waiting so long to get it done.

I know this, because it happens every spring around this time. Well, the years when the Canucks make it into the Playoffs anyways. They could end the series tonight if they stay on their game. Then I will have a little break in between to get some stuff done in the yard. If not, it will all get neglected until the playoffs are over. The world never ends because of it. The neighbour kids probably learn a new swear word or too by the end of May so it all really does end ok.

It doesn’t matter that the neighbour kids are only about 3 and 5.

They should be inside more.

Holy crap, when did I turn into a man?I need to clean the pond out too, that is going to be a fair bit easier this year as I have a sump pump. Two years ago when I did it, I used a hose and siphoned the nasty water out that way. It was a gong show. Sucking the end of the hose to get it going isn’t highly recommended. Unless you are the neighbour watching for entertainment I suppose.

I mean it works, but gah.

It also took me about 8 hours to get all the water out. This year it will take about 1/2 an hour to do the same job, god only knows how long to catch the fishes that still remain. I have had a bit of winter death this year, but there should still be about 10 or 15 fish left in there, and my coy Lucy is still swimming around. Though you can barely see the poor things through the muck.

So tonight the boys need to take this game and kick some Predator ass, there is 5 minutes left in the third, anything can happen, by the time I post this the game will be over. I hope they win, I really need to get caught up on this yard, OR…I need to become independently wealthy, hire a hot young yard boy and not have to worry about my damn yard.

Hell if I bought a motorhome, I would totally have the spring off for other things, like hockey, and babies. Next year, I will have a little niece to keep me sidetracked. My Dad informed me tonight that the baby, which we are sure is going to be a girl, is going to come out talking and never stop … like me. We laughed about that, because seriously, that will be my brother’s nightmare. My mind is already good with that. It means I will get her more. They will have to ship her to me for a rest… excellent!!

Spring is great…Hockey, long grass, soon to be babies that we can borrow and send back home again, love and sunshine. Life is so good isn’t it?

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