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Home Bargains Christmas Goodies!

Posted on the 20 December 2013 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
This week my busy schedule has been winding down at last, and so finally I've been starting to get into the Festive spirit!
With a little help from the lovely people at Home Bargains!
Home Bargains Christmas Goodies!
I have to say...Home Bargains has been one of my favorite places to shop since childhood - my mom used to have a little sweet shop inside a shopping center in Liverpool when I was about 10 years old - and right next door to it was Home Bargains!So every day I would go to my Mum's shop after school and every day we'd call in to Home Bargains for a browse, to buy pocket money toys etc....
Home Bargains stores pop up all over Liverpool, as I believe the owner is from the city and that's where they began, and when I first moved to Devon I was kind of lost without having a store nearby...
Thankfully they are now spreading their wings all over the country, and we even have one in little old Devon just around the corner from where I live!! Hurrah!!!!
I go there at least 3 times a week for everything from loo roll to wine!! I LOVE it!!!
So obviously I was delighted to take a look at the samples of festive goodies they sent me....and what a fun box it was!
There was a fabulous Santa jumper.....
Home Bargains Christmas Goodies!
A funky little pair of Festive Glasses complete with impressive 'tache...
Home Bargains Christmas Goodies!
Some rather fetching elf ears....
Home Bargains Christmas Goodies!
Lovely reindeer socks!
Home Bargains Christmas Goodies!
And, my personal favourite, a Santa hat complete with both sparkle AND tiara.....RIGHT up my street!!!!!!
Home Bargains Christmas Goodies!
This is just a drop in the ocean of the festive fabulousness available from EXTREMELY low prices, so if you haven't had a nosey yet get yourself down to your nearest Home Bargains or check out their website www.homebargains.co.uk
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