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Homemade BAILEYS Recipe That Will Knock Your Christmas Stockings off !

Posted on the 22 December 2012 by Lynne @lynneknowlton

is about to rock your Christmas world.

Are you ready for it? Do you need some festive MoJo ?!!

I believe we all need a little nudge of HAPPY during this crazy festive season.

How is your Christmas season going so far?

  • Did you throat punch anyone in the mall yet?
  • Trip any Elves?
  • Smack down a holiday shopper?
  • Do you neeed some HoHOhO tension relief ?

 BAILEYS Irish Cream to the RESCUE : 

Baileys Recipe, Christmas DIY, Homemade Baileys

You will need to learn how to make this recipe.


{ If you need a little help with your Christmas jollies. }

Why make Homemade Baileys ?

1.  Because it is so freaking easy to make.  You will totally impress yourself.

2.  Getting sloshed at Christmas time can just be downright FUN.  Jokes.  Serious.

3.  Baileys may very well be the answer to all problems. It could quite possibly solve world peace. Baileys makes you want to HUG everyone.  And maybe kiss them.  Without mistletoe pressure.

4.   Once you try the homemade baileys, you will NEVER go back to the store bought bottle version.  I will bet my Christmas mojo on it.  You will be in love.

Baileys Recipe

This photo was created with a photo app called FotoRus.

Why DRINK homemade BAILEYS ?

*  Feeling tense?  Baileys is a tense remover.  It is a stress repellent [ and it definitely smells better than mosquito repellent ]

*  Feel the need to swear take a deep breath ? Sip Baileys.  It will cause you to breathe deeper and smile bigger.

*  Want to put a little hop in your step?  Drink Baileys and you will suddenly think you qualify for Dancing with the Stars.

*  Need to chill it on Christmas morning? Spike your coffee with Baileys.  Shhh.  No one will know your secret.  A 007 top secret to Christmas survival.  Baileys in your coffee is one of the few socially acceptable times to drink alcohol for breakfast.  Go for it.

Baileys recipe, Christmas recipe, Baileys Irish Cream Recipe, The best Baileys recipe

Yup, this one was with FotoRus too, just in case you were wondering :)


Dear Santa,

Step aside.  Part the snow banks.  Pull up your hohoho knickers.  You are about to be impressed.  Get ready for a Christmas miracle.  This stuff is miraculously delish and divine all at once.

It is miraculously the best thing since Rudolph.  Uhhm, and it kinda gives you a red nose too.


All of us who need alcohol to survive Christmas.

P.S.  This Baileys recipe should come with a warning label.  Sip it in small doses, otherwise you will be LOOPED.  It is strong.  It may possibly put hair on your chest.  THAT strong.   This Baileys is not for sissies.  It is not for the faint of heart.   It is a recipe for Christmas road warriors.  The warriors who stay up all night wrapping presents.  Christmas wrapping ninjas are amazeballs.  That kind of warrior deserves Baileys.

Baileys Recipe, Baileys Irish Cream

Oh please, dear Gawd, don’t let the Greenwich Hotel be reading this right now. BUSTED.

Need a quick Christmas gift?

This is easy sneezy to make.  Bottle it in a bottle that you may have stolen from a hotel.  Like the Greenwich Hotel.  Not that I would ever do that.  If you don’t want to get arrested, just buy the bottle.  You can find a beautifully simple, clear glass bottle at Ikea for less than $3.

Hola !

That is a bargoonie !

Homemade Baileys

Ikea bottle + Baileys = Great Christmas MoJo

Note : Pine needles and greenery are free :) .  Nice Christmas budget, huh?  Pinecones are stolen from the bastards treehouse squirrels when they weren’t looking.  Those squirrels think they OWN all pinecones around here. What the what what?  Rebels.  That is why I drink.


13 oz Vodka
1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 pint Table Cream
2 Tbsp Nestle Liquid Chocolate Syrup

Throw all those ingredients in a blender. Mix well.
Yup, it is THAT easy and it tastes THAT great !

Warning : Sip slowly. You may get googly-eyed and a little bit tipsy. This Baileys may cause you to laugh louder at jokes.

How to Make Baileys


You are welcome.

You can kiss me later.

When you somehow get sober again.  Some day.

I don’t want any sloppy kisses.

Sober heart-felt kisses of Baileys gratitude are all I want for Christmas….. AND my two front teeth.

Have a HOLLY JOLLY  *smooching* CHRISTMAS.

Baileys recipe, Christmas gift, Christmas DIY

Sip ‘yer Baileys and check ‘yer balls.

Your Christmas tree balls.

Of course that is what I am talking about.

Christmas BALLS.

This is what happens when you sip Baileys.  You will start to talk about your balls.

Have a HOLLY JOLLY ball of a Christmas !

Cheers !!


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