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House Found – I Hope! And Replacing Rusk Cracker Thingys – Ideas?

Posted on the 18 October 2011 by Tracyrosen @tracyrosen

House Front
So…We are in the closing stages of it but it looks like that big old house I put an offer on will be ours :) Just one little thing…I need to sell my house :) There is interest in my house, people are visiting and it just takes one person to make an acceptable offer! Send us some positive thoughts for things to fall into place by the 6th of December, please :) One good thing – with all of these visits my house has never been as clean! It’s so nice to have a consistently clean house, to not be wading through the tumbleweeds of dog hair that *ahem* sometimes form. Did you know that pugs shed like crazy? Jacob sheds way more than Toby, a lab mix 14 times his size.

I am looking for something non-grain to take the place of those little puffy rusk cracker things that babies suck on. Any ideas? I’ve recently discovered some great mom and dad blogs that talk about healthy eating as well as other healthy eating blogs that aren’t necessarily by parents…maybe someone there has suggestions? Jack is needing something he can hold and suck/gum/scratch at with his one tooth but I’m not so crazy about the idea of bringing grains into his diet. If I am consciously cutting them out of mine, why would I want to introduce them to his? Makes sense, no? So far he has been eating meat, veggies, and fruit. He has had one piece of bread that he gummed to death at Tim Horton’s while I was meeting with my real estate agent after a day of looking at houses. It kept him quiet while we rested our tired tootsies and trashed the houses we had seen that day. Boy there are a lot of dumps houses needing tlc out there! I’m glad I found the one I did :)

I’m also looking for tips for bringing baby up on a healthy, whole, clean and fresh food kinda way. I like how nom nom paleo looks at it – wanting to instill good eating habits in her kids but not being overly fanatical about it, like how she describes here:

To be sustainable, we think that Paleo eating can’t be coerced. We teach our boys about making the right food choices, and cross our fingers that they’ll actually make ‘em.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t see the bread basket their grandparents are eating from and not demand a gluten-y hunk. Or refrain from eating the mac ‘n cheese and fries. Or turn away the complimentary fizzy fruit soda that the waiter brought over to them. Or the palate-cleanser — a strawberry-orange granita — that arrived between courses. Or the celebratory piece of cake that my MIL received gratis from the restaurant. Or the humongous cone of cotton candy that was brought to every table after dinner.

I’ll admit it: I didn’t cover the kids’ eyes and hustle them away from the table. (I did, however, move the cotton candy out of reach after the kids had grabbed a few handfuls of fluffy spun sugar.)

On that note…I am hearing a few cute little sounds from the other room. Jack is starting to wake up. Time to spoil him with some tight squeezy hugs (who am I kidding, they are more for me than him) and some wonderful boob time. Can I write that on the Internet? I just did. He loves it, I love it. It’s a wonderful thing.

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