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House Hunting: Mission Complete!

Posted on the 03 November 2011 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

After going back and forth with negotiations for three days, we finally reached an agreeable price and after our financing and home inspection is cleared, Kyle and I will be home owners! (Again!)

We’re pretty happy with the final price – really, we got it for a screamin’ deal! Possession is on the 24th of this month! That’s like, three weeks! So – while we finish paperwork, I’ve been crazy busy cleaning my house and showing it to renters. We’ve had four calls and so far, three viewings, and they seems to be interested, so who knows. Hopefully we get a renter soon, just to relieve some of the stress of paying two mortgages. I’m more paranoid of people coming to my house, casing the place, and then coming back and robbing me.

Some people would probably think we’re crazy for owning two homes and only being 25. I think we’re pretty damn fortunate considering the percentage of people who don’t own homes at all.

Anyway – onto my NEW HOUSE! It’s three bedrooms, three (full!) bathrooms, two stories and has a HUGE backyard. The driveway is flat and there’s a double garage (no more warming the car up in the morning!) Really, I think the backyard is my favourite. It’s MASSIVE for the area we’re in. Plus, it backs onto Crown (a.k.a. government) land so we won’t have neighbours behind us ever, which is great. Annnnd, the elementary school is only 1km away, which will be great down the road ;)

It also doesn’t need any work other than paint and some wallpaper removal (not looking forward to it!). There are two rooms that were kid’s rooms and they’re bright green and dark, navy blue, one of them with musical notes painted on a white wall. There’s a country-esque wallpaper boarder in the dining room which will come down eventually and some nasty pink wallpaper in the laundry room that my mom will be happy to see come down (it’s really hideous!)

Kyle and I are both really excited to move into our new place. We just hope we can get the townhouse rented and packed up in time!

Any suggestions for showing my townhouse to renters? (Either as someone who is a renter or someone who also rents out a house?)

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