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How Can I Purify Air in My Home Naturally?

Posted on the 02 January 2019 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

We're all worried about pollution outside our homes, but research suggests that we should be more concerned with the polluted air within the four walls of the house. The reason behind this is simple - people spend about 90 percent of their time at home. Keeping that in mind, you must understand how important it is to keep the air inside your home pure and free from pollutants. The scariest thing about poor air quality inside the home is that it can threaten your health. Children are especially susceptible to airborne diseases, which puts them at a higher risk of contracting a nasty sickness. Using quality air purifiers is probably the easiest way to clean the air within your home, and so investing in one would be a good idea.

What are the pollutants I should be worried about?

How can I purify air in my home naturally?How can I purify air in my home naturally?

First things first - it's important to know and recognize the substances in the interior air that can make you very, very sick.

  • Carbon Monoxide: Probably the most poisonous gas we are exposed to in the environment. CO (Carbon Monoxide) is released almost by all machines and batteries, so there's really no way to escape it.
  • Smoke: You might not smoke yourself, but someone in the family might. Or you may live in a congested area where traffic jams occur frequently. Whatever the case might be, at the end of the day, you are falling prey to passive smoking- which is as bad as smoking.
  • Particle pollutants: Dust, feathers and other small particle pollutants may not seem like a big deal to you, but they can affect the health of those suffering from breathing problems like asthma.

Artificial purifiers detect the pollutants in the air and resolve the issue in no time at all, leaving your family to breathe freely and at ease. This is why most doctors suggest using quality air purifiers.

But what if I don't want an artificial purifier?

However, if you're not a fan of artificial machines pumping chemicals into the air to clean it, you might want to opt for something that's more natural. If that's the case, then there's no need to worry. Thankfully, nature has blessed us with an ample amount of ways with which we can purify the interior air of our homes without the use of chemicals.

Read on to find out how you can breathe clean and fresh inside your homes, with the help of some effective natural purifying techniques:-

How can I purify air in my home naturally?How can I purify air in my home naturally?


This is the most obvious trick up our sleeve. It's no surprise that houseplants help clean the air inside your home while adding to the décor as well. You can keep an assortment of plants in different locations of the house. For example, the red-edged dracaena removes xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air, which may have been introduced in it through paints, lacquers, and varnishes. On the other hand, spider plants can effectively remove benzaldehyde from the air around them.

Use diffusers instead of air fresheners:

It's a common habit to reach out for a can of air freshener to make the house smell nice and rosy, but air freshener cans are essentially aerosol products that can release CFCs into the air. Instead, you can invest in an essential oil diffuser to make your house smell like a wonderland. Mix a few drops of lavender oil with anti-bacterial oils like tea tree, clove, and rosemary to freshen the house as well as kill airborne bacteria and termites.

Use non-toxic chemicals for cleaning:

Cleaners and detergents contain strong substances that can cause throat and lung irritation in small children. Instead of buying the supermarket variety, try to invest in organic cleaners. You can also make your own cleaners with household substances like baking soda, vinegar, citrus juices, and essential oils. If you have to use the artificial cleaners, make sure you open the windows while cleaning to allow cross-ventilation.

How can I purify air in my home naturally?How can I purify air in my home naturally?

Himalayan Salt Lamps:

Salt lamps are all the rage among fans of organic substances now, and for good reason. When a salt lamp is heated with the help of a small bulb on the inside, it releases negative ions that can neutralize the pollutants in the air. You can also invest in a salt lamp for your home. These things come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your needs and the size of your home.

In India, you can get these easily from Amazon or Flipkart

Swap paraffin candles for beeswax ones:

Paraffin candles are derived from petroleum and are also infused with chemicals that give them their scent and color. It's okay if you're burning one candle every other day, but if you're burning a lot of candles on a regular basis, the chemicals released in the air when the candle burns can make you quite sick. Unlike paraffin candles, beeswax ones are completely natural, and they burn with no smoke or scent. Instead, they release negative ions in the air which eliminate common allergens. Also, beeswax candles burn slower and last longer, so they are cost-effective.


Your home is a sanctuary, a safe place for you and your family. But sometimes, staying inside the home can be as problematic as going outside. If you feel sick without any apparent reason, it is probably because the air inside your home is unhealthy. The best way to sort this problem would be using quality air purifiers, either natural or artificial.

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