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How Do You Feel About December 21st 2012?

Posted on the 01 December 2011 by Whatsgoingoninleeannesmind @Mommalynyrd
On this first day of December I want to hear from all of you, my wonderful and loyal readers.
There is just one year left till the predicted doom of earth on the winter solace 122112.
All over the world people have different ideas of wat will be happening. And on the counter part what will not be.
If you have been a reader of mine you know by now that I ave a few screws loose in my head. The Panic Disorder (although now better controlled) has made its imprint in every aspect of my daily thinking.
It has taken that little switch of reason in my brain and shut it off.
Where many of you do not believe that 12/21/12 will be the end of the way we live life I believe in the opposite.
However, I do not believe that the world will come to an end.
It is my theory that the peak of the suns solar storms will knock out the earths power grids. Sending us back to before there was electricity. (the previous link is to the solar storm warning issued)
This I feel will be a livable scenario, but, I also believe this will cause an abundance of problems.
Think about it, as you are reading this blog at this moment you are using two pieces of technology which would no longer work if we were to lose power to the world.
We maKe our whole lives defendant on the luxuries that have been given to us that no one would know how to act if they are taken away.
For instance, in a neighboring town of mine there were thousands without power when we got hit by Hurricane Irene in the Summer. The residents of the town were furious, protesting the power company to get their power restored, and some even said that the state on New Jersey should pa to put generator at their houses.
Now this lasted for only a week, maybe two for some and it caused a world of crap.
If a solar storm knocked out the earths power grids it could take a year to 10 years to restore it.
Here is what I ask you what you think people would do with no power for 10 years?
Looting, killing for food and medicine...
And that would only be the beginning of it all.
Some of you may not choose to believe that this type of event could happen.
I however believe it being prepared for the worst in every situation.
Will you prepare?
Stay tuned for future posting in Live From Leeanne's Mind 2012 Preperations.
And please leave feedback.
How do you feel about December 21st 2012?

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