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How Sri Lanka Lost Love in “Sex and Love”

Posted on the 23 December 2015 by Scribe Project @ascribeproject

So Enrique was late for the concert and LiveEvents.LK pretty much screwed up with the security , crowd management and failed to satisfy their customers. But I’m not really going to talk about it. The people who got the Rs.35,000 ticket being so far away from the concert stage is not news anymore. Nobody cares about Enrique coming late and performing for a hour anymore. The hot news is, “Enrique kissed a Sri Lankan Girl!”

How Sri Lanka lost Love in “Sex and Love”

As normal as this sounds to the minority of the Sri Lankans who actually surf the web for news, have female friends in their social circle, goes to a bar once in a while and have an open mind, this is huge news for the majority of the Lankans who buys a broadband connection just for the sake watching pornography.

Anyway, to see what Sri Lankans actually say about this (although my news feed is filled with them) I searched ‘එන්රික්’ in Facebook. The first thing I realized is that the Lankan gossip sites are selling this story like hotcakes. (උණු කැවුම්).

“එන්රික් කිස් කරපු තරුණියගේ ෆේස්බුක් සටහන, ශ්‍රි ලංකා ‘Sex and Love ” ප්‍රසංගයේදී ප්‍රසිද්දියේ තරුණියක් තණ පටිය ගලවයි, එන්රික් ගේ ෂෝ එකේ හැමෝටම පේන්න ලංකාවේ කෙල්ලෙක් කිස් එකක් දීලා මෙන්න වීඩියෝව කාටත් කලින් මෙන්න අපෙන්” How appealing. Sometimes I really feel like quitting on writing intellectual articles and starting one of these sites. They actually do earn more.

I clicked on one of those posts from and the comments were pretty hilarious. (Again, hilarious to the minority; On the side note, pardon me for this usage of minority and majority. Maybe, just maybe a day would come that this minority and the majority swaps and the majority of the Lankans would actually be less resistant to cultural change)

Capture3සිංහ ලේ comes to the scene Capture1Just when I thought only guys are blaming her. Capture2The pussy destroyer Capture4Presenting you the Ella kolla with a fake profile picture I thought this is satire but apparently it's not. I thought this is satire but apparently it’s not. And so called lankan entertainment pages strikeAnd so called lankan entertainment pages strike And there's this guy. Who hasn't had his first kiss yet. And there’s this guy. Who hasn’t had his first kiss yet. Capture9And a wannabe celebrity. Some guys just can't prove a point without hate. Some guys just can’t prove a point without hate.

This is just few examples of many of the hate comments. I’m not a person of personal attack but most of these sexist facebook heroes doesn’t even have a proper profile picture.

How Sri Lanka lost Love in “Sex and Love”Photoshop Level : Sri Lankan Hero

Not merely the comments, the posts on gossip sites like have already made this a political issue.

Capture8  like who actually gives a fuck if it’s the Air force commander’s daughter or whoever. A Sri Lankan fan girl got kissed by Enrique (With her consent) in “Sex and Love” concert. What is the big deal about it? They were clearly not making out for minutes, Enrique was not dry humping her on the stage and he was not outraging her modesty so what’s the big fuss?

Here’s food for thought. Do you see any of those people who actually went to the “Sex & Love” concert criticizing the girl’s behavior? You don’t. Why? Because they saw this coming. They knew this is normal for such a concert. It’s not that they could only afford to buy the concert ticket, they could afford to have an open mind. As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, this is where the problem arises. The underprivileged class judging the ‘posh’ class wouldn’t stop. To the keyboard warrior who has “සිංහ ලේ” as the profile picture and calls this girl a ‘බඩුව’; just because you discovered internet late, doesn’t mean that the culture/country was on hold till you did. It has changed, but you haven’t. 

For the hundredth time, the culture is something that changes not degrades. “සංස්කෘතියක් පිරිහීම” should not be even considered as a term and should be changed to “සංස්කෘතියක වෙනස්වීම”. So whoever this girl is, she doesn’t deserve to be called a whore (There’s a different definition to the word. Look it up. ) She has not ashamed her parents, she has not turned down the so called Sinhalese blood, she has just been a fangirl who actually had balls to run up to the stage. Let’s just stop clinging to this purity of Sri Lankan culture for a while and see this with an open mind. 2015 is almost coming to an end. When are we gonna change?

What Sri Lanka going through right now is ‘Cultural lag’. This occurs when technology allows you to engage in new behaviors but your norms and values are lagging behind and you are not sure what to think of such practices. (refer to :  As long as these controversies on cultural change exist and persist, the development of the country would  be just materialistic and the social development would lag behind.

It’s high time you pull that brassier off your face and face the reality. How long would it take for us to accept that Sri Lanka is changing and it’s not wrong? How long are we gonna play god around other people?

Here’s the bitter truth. “Sex and Love” actually made me realize that we are losing Love, Big time.We have turned in to a bunch of judgmental heads who spreads hate.  Getting kissed by an international singer on stage doesn’t suit our culture while calling a girl ‘Whore or  ‘Bitch’ for the last reason for her to be called such, is cultural. The picture is bigger than than what you merely see.

I’m just going to end the article with a status update I saw on Facebook. Which perfectly recapitulates what I was trying to tell from this whole post.  “A country of people who have googled “sex” the most in the world; stands firmly to criticize a girl who kissed Enrique.” Now you can ask yourself. Who is desperate?


I’m open for discussion. As all those typical gossip posts end, යාලුවන්ටත් බලන්න ශෙයාර් කරන්න.

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