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How to Avoid Coronavirus, nCov, Or COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak | Safety Tips, Preventions, and Precautions

Posted on the 14 March 2020 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
As World Health Organization (WHO) declares this coronavirus or popularly known as nCov, COVID-19 or novel coronavirus pandemic, let us know more about this mysterious disease that has been spreading around the globe and strucking people and economies in unimaginable ways such as locking down cities, shutting down businesses, and even canceling of any general gatherings or similar. 

coronavirus prevention

no to coronavirus

As I research more about this said disease believed to have originated from Wuhan, China, it just came to me to share it. So for this post, I will just share as much as I know about the issue and provide them with reliable sources as much as I can. This is one of the simplest ways to contribute and help others to be aware of these life-saving simple acts you can now start doing.
1. Since we still don't know what exactly this coronavirus is completely, what are the SYMPTOMS of the patients that have them?
As per WHO's website, symptoms are just like having the normal flu:
- cough
- cold
- fever
- sore throat
the unusual ones that separate coronavirus from flu are having these (any) at the same time:
- tiredness
- shortness of breath
- difficulty in breathing
- body aches
- diarrhea
2. How does coronavirus spread?
Basically, infected droplets or substances from a person who has this virus most likely gets transmitted to other people via coughing, sneezing, and exhaling them which may include the saliva, sweat, and even the tears our body produces. The virus may stay or gets transferred to other surfaces or mediums from a few hours to even several days given the different conditions.

3. Why is coronavirus hard to contain?
As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC's website, it has an incubation period of 2-14 days (usually 5) after exposure, which means it can completely be undetected within those periods of time.
4. Why are people afraid of coronavirus?

Because there is still no definite/tested cure for this thus resulting in a strict quarantine policy of at least covering the whole maximum incubation period of 14 days or more.
5. So what do we do during these times?
* Boost your resistance & immune system

eat healthy

simply choosing to eat healthier options

     - Eat more fruits and vegetables
     - Take your vitamins and health supplements regularly
     - Have a healthier lifestyle (exercise daily for about 30 mins.)

boost your immune system

prevention is better than cure (especially if there is still none)

* Clean, sanitize & self-quarantine
     - Bring and use your (ethanol or ethyl) alcohol
     - Don't hoard alcohol, face masks or any "hot and essential" items right now
       (If others can't sanitize, the risk of spreading is higher)

sanitize what you hold

make sanitation a habit (clean what you hold)

     - Avoid reusing of face mask
     - Avoid touching personal items of others
     - Avoid touching other people's eyes, nose & mouth

Avoid touching other personal belongings

Don't touch other personal belongings

     - Do proper waste disposal
     - Stay indoors as much as possible
     - Don't go to crowded places
     - Maintain social distancing (1 meter or 3 ft. away)
     - Be generally more hygienic

stay indoors

stay indoors

* Be updated
     - As the story continues to develop, being updated with the latest always help
     (Make sure to get information from reliable sources)
As per the experience of other countries with the population of infected persons, the usual suspects that develop serious illness are older people with pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer, lungs and heart disease, diabetes or even to the simplest high blood pressures. There are also a few local medical experts supporting that the virus lives longer in metals and in cold than in hot temperatures but these statements are yet to be proven.
With these details, I hope it helped you be more aware in any way. Let us continue to contribute and help one another in our own possible ways because in these dark situations we find light and in these global crises uprises unity. With God's help, nothing is impossible because, with Him, the fight is already won. God speed.

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