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How to Interact with Introverts?

Posted on the 20 December 2013 by Jairammohan

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I recently came across this particular site / info-cartoon about “How to interact with introverted people” [Link to page] and thought I would paraphrase it and share it in words as well.


What is introversion?

Introverted people live in a human sized hamster ball (not really, but something quite like that). The major trait of a true introvert, as opposed to someone who is withdrawn, is how they gain their energy.

Extroverted people gather their energy from their surroundings. They absorb the ‘good vibes’ of the people around them and thus need a lot of social interaction. Introverted people make their own energy and, rather than taking it from others, ‘give’ it on social contact. This means that they naturally find most interaction exhausting and need time to recharge.

Because this energy is a limited resource, they tend to see extroverts as obnoxious predators out to steal their sweet, sweet energy juices. That’s why they have their hamster ball of personal space.

How to interact with the introverted?

Just because someone is introverted doesn’t mean they don’t like company. Interaction is just expensive and they don’t want to spend it on something annoying or wasteful.

Here’s what you do:

Say Hello, be polite and relaxed, show that you recognize and approve of their presence. It is important for introverts to feel welcome. They won’t spend their precious energy on someone who doesn’t want them around.

If you have interesting/important news to mention, mention it. Just don’t press for gossip. Then go back to whatever you were doing.

Now the introverts know that you are friendly and open to interaction but will not push them into spending energy if they have no need to. That is all there is to it.


  1. Respect their personal space
  2. Energy is limited
  3. Don’t demand to have energy spent on you when it’s not particularly needed
  4. Don’t take silence as an insult – it isn’t
  5. Introverts get lonely too!


While I personally don’t interact with too many people on a daily basis or even once in a while (yes, I am something of a recluse offline :D ), am sure the readers of this blog come across more than a few introverts during their daily lives, and this post for sure will help them improve their interactions with introverts.

Do head over to the original post [Link to post] for a comic version of this


Verses for Introspection: 3

वैराग्यान्न परं सुखस्य जनकं पश्यामि वश्यात्मनः

तच्चॆच्छुद्धतरात्मबोधसहितं स्वाराज्यसाम्राज्यधुक् ।


सर्वत्रास्पृहया सदात्मनि सदा प्रज्ञां कुरु श्रॆयसॆ ।।

Vairaagyaanna param sukhasya janakam pashyaami vashyaathmanaha

Tat-chet-suddhatara-aatmabodhasahitam swaarajya-saamraajyadhuk


Sarvatra-asprihayaa sadaatmani sadaa prajnaam kuru shreyase.

Vivekachoodamani, 377.


For a self-controlled person, I find no better generator of happiness than dispassion. And if that is coupled with a clear realization of the self, it brings about absolute sovereignty within and without. And since this is the gateway to the damsel of eternal liberation, for your own well-being be dispassionate, always fixing your mind on the eternal self.

Inspired by Swami Bhoomananda TirthaJi’s talks and satsangs. 


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