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How to Make Your Own Happiness Toolkit

Posted on the 01 August 2016 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
How to make your own Happiness Toolkit

Happiness is my favorite DIY project.

I believe we have the power to make ourselves happy. I have my own ongoing happiness project in the form of this jar - which I started with my family years ago. We fill it with notes where we write down things that make us happy - and enjoy reading the notes every once in a while. Oh, watching that jar fill up is a joy all its own.

How to make your own Happiness Toolkit

Today, I am sharing a fantastic happiness toolkit idea. Make it for yourself, or put one together for a friend as a gift.

The unique thing about this toolkit is the symbolism attached to each item. The items themselves are pretty simple, things we have around our house. Each item has a metaphorical meaning attached to it, while being useful and serves as a wonderful reminder of happiness in the hectic and crazy world we live in!

So let us start gathering happiness in a bag, shall we?

Here is what you put in your happiness toolkit

A rubber band

To remind you not to stretch yourself too thin. Have the courage to say NO without feeling guilty. Set boundaries. Elastic is similar to stress: we need to stretch to thrive, but not too much or we'll snap!


To add color to your world. Don't view things only in black and white.

A stress ball

To nudge you to be resilient, soft and flexible, just like the stress ball that bounces back, floats, and keeps its shape no matter what.

A kaleidoscope

To remind you to embrace change. A kaleidoscope is constantly changing, transforming into different beautiful designs.

A toy fire fighter

To remind you to avoid being the one that starts the fires in your relationships; instead, put them out. When you see a fire, you have the power to stop it.

A pencil

To remind you that you can write your own destiny with a happy ending. You have the power to steer your story in the direction you want.

An eraser

To tell you that it is okay to make mistakes and it is okay to be imperfect. You just have to be human, not perfect. Don't feel the pressure to be right.


To remind you that play is important to be you sane and feeling light. You don't have to be a child to play! Blow some bubbles and enjoy the joy!

A deck of cards

No matter what cards life deals you, it is how you play your hand. Like people, we need all kinds of cards in the game of life. Sometimes the lowest card is the best; point is, we need all 52. Feel free to add just your favorite card in your happiness toolkit rather than all 52.

A magnifying glass

To help you view your thoughts, differentiating between irrational and negative thoughts, and eliminate negative thinking.

Hershey Kisses

Keep one for yourself, because self love comes first. Give away the rest in gratitude. I like to add some hugs too!

Paper Clips

To remind you to keep positive people in your life.


To remind you that life is uncertain and full of chances. You can't control the number you will get; you can only roll with it and play!


To remind you to set aside time to relax, take a mental vacation, or assign a pocket of time to worry rather than carry it with you throughout the day.

A bouncing ball

To remind you that you can bounce back from just about anything so long as you have a positive attitude and keep an open mind, learning you're your experiences.

Finger trap

To remind you that you could get caught in the trap if you focus on proving yourself right just to win over someone. Instead, seek a win-win outcome. Avoid conflict.

A flexible figure

To remind you that happiness is being flexible and open to change and growth.

Don't be rigid.

Some marbles

When you feel as though you're losing your marbles, grab these to hang in there.

A toy Soldier

To remind you to be strong and smile even when life throws you those zingers. Stand tall, fight for what you believe in.

Sticky Notes

Carry reminders and affirmations to stay focused on your goals and remember to be positive.

What other objects can you think of? What do they signify? Do you have a happiness toolkit? Do share in the comments.

This post is inspired by Belmont Wellness's newsletter which I enjoy tremendously. You should check out Judith's book The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life. How to make your own Happiness Toolkit

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