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How to Raise a Team Player

Posted on the 03 December 2022 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw
What is a team player? First and foremost, it’s someone who acts for the good of the group before they act for themselves. It’s the habit of thinking of others first and equally, the habit of acting on those thoughts. Some of the best ways to help children to become team players include sports and board games.
Depending on your child’s age, the first thing to teach is empathy for others and the skills needed to view the bigger picture. For example, teaching your child to look out for others and how they might be feeling in a certain situation is key to raising a team player.
If your child is generally confident in social situations, it’s a good idea to teach them to ensure others who might not be so confident are always included in games.
Teach them to look out for children who might be feeling left out or who are too shy to join in. A skill like this will take your child very far in life as people will quickly view them as kind, responsible and empathetic – all of which are of course, very desirable characteristics.

How to Raise a Team Player

Sports and games From an early age, engaging in board games and team sports are great for helping your child to learn the fundamentals of being a team player. This includes turn-taking and patience.
Being patient with others is vital if your child is to be a team player. That means never losing faith in others as they try their best – even if their best isn’t quite hitting the mark!
Talk to your child about the importance of helping others and ensuring everyone feels they are fairly treated. Enrol your child in sports clubs either through school or after school. This independent boys’ school in London provides many opportunities for students to join sporting activities and to grow as valued members of the student community.
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