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How to Wear Emmys Red Carpet Jewelr

Posted on the 26 August 2014 by Latinaprpro @latinaprpro
One of the funnest parts of any Hollywood Awards Show is the Red Carpet arrivals. 
I've even made it a point to run a play-by-play fashion policing live-chat on my Facebook wall for the Oscars. But as much as I love the dresses, the shoes, the makeup and hair, nothing stands out as much as jewelry does. 

How to Wear Emmys Red Carpet Jewelr

Bellari Bracelet

Although most of us can't, and wont, spend the amount of money celebrities do for Red Carpet jewelry, we can all take a few tips from the Michael and wear jewelry that will make us look Red Carpet or special occasion-ready.

How to Wear Emmys Red Carpet Jewelr

Earrings by Mastoloni Pearls

If you are going to invest in any high-ticket jewelry, invest in earrings. According to celebrity stylist and television personality Michael O'Connor, earrings will probably give you the most bang for your buck. Why? Because even if you forget to wear bracelets or a necklace, most women don't leave their home without earrings.
TIP: To make your neck look longer and leaner, pick earrings that contract your face shape and that land in-between your earlobe and shoulder.
How to Wear Emmys Red Carpet JewelrColorful gemstones are all the rage this season. The best place to wear them? On your fingers.
TIP: Pick rings that have a vertical placement or shape to make your hands and fingers look longer and leaner.

How to Wear Emmys Red Carpet Jewelr

Dena Kemp Bracelets

I LOVE bracelets and can't get over how much even a tiny bangle bracelet can elevate an outfit - any outfit!
TIP: For gals, like me, that have thicker wrists: stack multiple bracelets instead of cuff bracelets to make your arms look longer and leaner.

How to Wear Emmys Red Carpet Jewelr

Necklace by Mostoloni Pearls

Besides earrings, nothing gets as close to your face as a necklace does.  Don't be afraid or look-down at pearls, a personal fave, when choosing jewelry for those special night outs.
TIP: Wear long necklaces to pull you in and give you height.
Coincidently, I was wearing stacked long necklaces when I met Michael O'Connor at the StyleLab 2014 Emmy Awards Jewelry Suite...and I received compliments from the Style Master himself!
How to Wear Emmys Red Carpet JewelrThis just goes to show that even $10 necklaces can look fantastic when styled right!

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