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Huffin and Puffin!

Posted on the 28 October 2013 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
Do you guys want to know how out of shape I am?
I don't work-out really ever. I walk my dogs, occasionally and RARELY I will do a few sit ups (like once or twice a year). I have no motivation to work out, which I'm trying to change because I'd love to be a bit more tone. ANYWAY...
We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night after a dog chase and seeing Thriller, the play. The party was feeling a bit down when we arrived, so my BFF Kjerstin and I decided to get the party rockin'. We got there at midnight, so that may be why things were shutting down, but we weren't about to let that fly. We turned up the music and danced our hearts out for hours, seriously non-stop ridiculous dancing for at least 2 straight hours.
We thought we were hilarious and we were being egged on by the audience laughing hysterically on the couch (which was actually just our husbands). Kjerstin and I continued with the train, the hop scotch, the bunny, the churning butter, and the more commonly known head banging. It was out of control and when we got home, I was more than ready for bed. I'd used every muscle in my entire body and it ached so good.
Saturday night I slept like a baby and woke up to pains everywhere. Now it's Monday and I'm still ridiculously sore. My whole entire body feels like I went to a weightlifting competition. OUCH!
Do you think that's because I'm so out of shape? Me too.
On the brighter side, nights like this make me really excited for when Kjerstin actually moves up here. We're on a countdown of like 2 months now and I cannot wait!
(This photo was before we put our costumes on)Huffin and Puffin!
How was your weekend? Any remedies for sore muscles?

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