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Hungry? Why Wait.

Posted on the 10 February 2013 by Jamesswezey
Hungry? Why Wait.So I'm feeling much better now, thank God. I've been busy planning my life for the next few months now that I essentially in all but writing have a job. It does feel great to know that I am getting back on track, and I know that I've said that, but obtaining a job gives me purpose and drive once more, or rather it helps me get back to my purpose and on with the drive....does that make sense? Any who. It was a fairly chill day. I did a lot of reading and finished reading the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy after it taking me far too long. Susanne Collins, the author, did a fantastic job of writing the character of Katniss and the story overall. When I first heard about the series I mistakenly thought that it was similar to the Twilight saga, and I am so far pleasantly delighted that it is not. Katniss isn't a whiny, vacillating, awkward teenager. She's a strong willed, courageous no nonsense kind of girl. Interestingly enough it is her male counterpart that is more sappy than she. When comparing the film and the book, I believe that the film was an excellent adaptation of the book, but both of them are still good in their own right for the various reasons that they are. The film visualizes everything and shows the audience things that the book can't, whereas the book is written in first person present so the reader gets to know what's happening to main character, what she's thinking as the story unfolds (which is very, very tricky to write well). I'm going to wait to read the other books until after I've seen the films, or at least I'm going to try as it always seems to work out better for me that way, that way I go in with no expectations and all anticipation. Definitely recommend the series so far, and I have drastically changed my mind about the film as well then when I originally saw and reviewed it to something far more positive. For the Oscars today we have Best Director: Amour, Beast of the Southern Wild, Life of Pi, Licoln, and Silver Linings Playbook. I think that the Academy is going to choose Silver Linings Playbook because I also believe that particular film is going to win big in most of the categories it is in. I would like to see Steven Spielberg win for Lincoln though, but I don't think that the Academy is going to give him another Oscar, although I could be very mistaken. I've noticed the days are getting a little longer once again, and that February is half over, which means winter will be leaving least I hope.
Okay, I know this has been out for a while, but I recently discovered it while watching the Wii game "Just Dance." It's weird and strange, and mildly disturbing, but very catchy.Not to mention its a song about the only really famous person born the same day as me;I don't know if that's a plus or a minus yet though.

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