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(I Am Stitched into Your Life)

Posted on the 07 August 2015 by Shamsud @mysticverse

I climb every hills with you (everyday),
I am climbing the mountains of life(You are
the navigator)
I cannot lose my heart (already lost to you)
photo frames in the white wall;
I see your eyes (you are my eyes)
In the depth of destiny I am stitched into your life,
(You are my destiny) never denied.

Cross roads are confusing (You always marked my path) with emeralds of hope and jest,
You embalmed my pain with your sweetness;
(You sweetheart) safety in my accidentalness,
Emails are meaningless without your touch in paper,
(My life in every breath you take) oil in taper.
I envisioned the time we will spent (the whole
Life ticking away in your shoulder)
Book keeping every bit of our life - file-folder.

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