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I Could Have Peed Myself.

Posted on the 28 June 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
I only have a short story for you today, but it’s pretty intense so you might want to sit down. I had a LG Dr. Pepper for lunch, plus I have been working on my 10 oz NOS today as well, so needless to restate, but I will anyway, I have had a lot of liquids to contain today. I have probably had to pee at least once an hour with this contestant flow of liquid. Around 2pm I realized I was about to burst open, and got up to hit the bathrooms when the phone rings. I was on the phone for at least 15 minutes, as I was doing the dance under my desk. After the call ends I JUMP up and sprint to the bathroom. I was so excited when I was only one turn away. Then I make that turn and BAM! The bathrooms are closed. I even peak in and am shoo’d away. I am defeated, and slouch back to my office. About 10 minutes later I know this could possibly a million time worse than my first day incident.. so I decide to take and adventure and find a new bathroom. I’ve only been here 2 weeks, so thing are still new. I have to mention that the elevators are SO slow here. Seriously, and I don’t know where the stairs are.. I should find that out. Anyway, the middle elevator is the worst you could seriously drop a feather from the empire state building and it would hit the ground before you’ve made it down 1 floor on the elevator. I probably am not even exaggerating. I 
Of course, I am stuck on the middle elevator, making awkward small talk with a second thrid floor native, who made me stop for him. FINALLY I make it all the way down to the lobby, and am contemplating driving to a gas station to use their facilities. Then I notice a lady walking away with a “closed for cleaning” sign, and I do the potty hop across the hall and over to the bathroom and it’s OPEN! I have never been so excited to go into a stall in ALL my life! Asbestos-Hazard-Plastic-Floor-Sign-SF-0122-2012-06-28-16-20.jpgAfter that, I used my magic badge, and made the trek back up stairs to my office.Moral of the story… WHO CLOSES THE BATHROOM DURING OFFICE HOURS? That’s a disaster in the making.

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