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I Earned $73 Or P3,650 in One Day with Google Adsense on My Lifestyle/personal Blog

Posted on the 07 May 2020 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
I was earning a decent amount of dollars per day as per my account was just recently monetized when this happened. But never did I imagine earning this much in a single day without doing anything special compared to all the other days I routinely do. What made it happen? Let's look deeper into the details here below.

$73 in one blogging day


$73 or P3,650 a day maybe small for some established sites out there but for me that is writing on a not-so-popular and extravagant niche, like this lifestyle/personal blog is a big thing already. Okay, I will try to explain the details here as simple as I can so you guys can better understand them. To be honest, I am not an expert on this category but I will try to share with what I know regarding the topic as I was personally shocked as well with what happened. What we can do for now is to check the factors that might have affected the amount of surge on the advertising platform.
To start on how do we earn here, "us" publishers gain profit from views and clicks on the advertisements that are being shown or promoted in our blog. We have a specific value per 1,000 views and a separate value per click, given. Those values depend on the advertiser's budget and bid then to be rolled out to all the publishers enrolled in the platform. Those advertisement campaigns can also be selective to publishers considering their audience matching it to the target market of the advertisement thus making some niche literally a gold mine.
Here is the screenshot of my Google Adsense account where I earned that $73 in one day profit. I included some days prior and after it so we can directly compare some of the things I want to point out.

Google Adsense screenshot

Google Adsense screenshot

The RPM or rate per meter (/1,000 views) value tripled. I did not do anything extra special that day so I started to look at some of the other factors that might have affected that spike. It seems the CPC or cost per click rate also grew accordingly with the RPM which means the advertising bid of the campaign(s) that day was phenomenal. With that said, I reviewed the blog posts published sandwiching it and they were how to stay underwater and my first blogging payout from Google Adsense. The money-making niche may have affected the value of the following days but definitely not the $73 since it was published a day after that.
The next thing I investigated was the date when the spike happened. It was holy week, Easter Sunday to be exact. So, does performing during holidays affect the values too, maybe. Well, putting myself on the advertiser's shoes, it actually makes sense of bringing the budget up when people would most likely be spending more time online especially when they have a lot of free time. Hmmm..
Well, if you are new to the industry, Google actually pays depending to which country your visitors are coming from.

rate per country

rate per country of that specific month

Yes, it matters too. The higher the value of the country, CPC and RPM go with it. But basically, every click is much more valuable than per visit. Well, again as per our pricing to reiterate the point, there is a cost PER CLICK vs. a cost PER 1,000 VIEWS so it directly tells the difference between the two.
Going back on the first Google Adsense screenshot above, the CTR or click-through rate does not vary that much. Even though it is the highest percentage on the given photo, we cannot correlate its performance to the spike that has happened. What about the page views? Though I still want it to stay hidden for now, it's safe to tell you that hitting that 1,000-mark must give you an idea on my regular visitors that time if you look at those values carefully. Haha!

Actual money I got from that month

Don't you dare count it! Haha!

So, to conclude this post, It all still goes back to the advertiser's campaign value. Well, that is the highest factor that affected the spike for this case. Just imagine those rates combined with the sites that are doing thousands to millions of views per day. Wow! Just Wow. If you think this is already great, well there are a lot of other ways to earn a better amount of money via blogging.. some focus on CPC, some on affiliate marketing, and the list goes on and on..
But then again, trying to optimize every opportunity counts. Always being ready here matters so consistency is key (lol. I mentioned this on my YouTube tips too - No. 9) - Increase those clicks and views day after day, time those postings well during the "hot" seasons, share valuable and helpful content as much as possible, build that audience you want to cater to.. one day, you'll just find yourself killing it.
If you guys want to share your own success story related to this or share anything that would help others, feel free to do it in the comment section. I would really appreciate it. Thanks for visiting my blog and to God be all the glory.

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