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I Got Junk in This Drawer.

Posted on the 24 October 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
I am blogging from my phone right now. I am not sure what is happening in computer world, but it's hatin on this girl right now, thanks heavens I recorded and uploaded my vlog already. I really enjoy vlogging. It's a fun break from the average writing, and more of a sneak peak into a bloggers life! I love hearing people's voices, and ACCENTS! It's funny how you read people's words in your head, so they aren't true to them! Anyway. This is our monthly vlog. My lovely co-hosts:JustynEmilyPunkyKjerstinJazmine
With a SPECIAL GUEST: KRISTEN!!"What is in your junk drawer??"
I don't fly kites, I promise - so that's the weirdest thing in my junk drawer and there is no shortage of it! 
Come link up! It's fun. It's nun, it's bun! Just do it!Also next month on November 15th we are doing "Whats on your gratitude list??" Let's be gracious people. 
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