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I Had a Bike Accident and Got My Wrist Fractured

Posted on the 10 February 2017 by Arwinkim
Happened on the last Saturday when this posted. I have to admit this was really my first bike accident that got me injured so badly. Well, I used to go to the city to buying stuff that actually I don't really need. I simply need a reason to leave my house for awhile to refresh my brain being stuck with nothing to think about but future that haunt me as a jobless man with no formal job.
A day before the accident happened, actually I thought someday I would get a bike accident at some point along the road because of the "endless" trip to the city with a bike. I have no idea why I had a strong feeling that it's going to happen and it happened.
Riding a bike in Indonesia is notoriously dangerous. The transportation regulation in Indonesia doesn't require you to wear a highly standardized helmet, boots, jacket, and a bike specification to ride unlike in European countries like France and German. But hey who cares? It's Indonesia!
I wore a cast-like in the first day accident happened. I couldn't get my arm straight and lift a bottle of water. So today, my wrist is getting better slowly though after trying a number of wrist exercises from Youtube but it hurts like hell.
I need to recover soon considering I should be joining a course started on Monday which is an English programme for English teacher at Elementary School. Yeah, I will be a English teacher for students those ages. Real bad when I prefer students from Junior School at least. But let's see!
Off the topic, I honestly have seen some photos and videos of the programme activities from the organizer's Instagram which is Bone Wisata English Village that you can find here @b_wev. The concept of programme is basically studying English in the nature at most. I don't pretend as the arrogant ass here but really? The trainers are local students from a small campus in the city? Their pronunciation is disaster. They are good for beginner except me to be dead honest. I am an intermediate learner. So no wonder I obviously doubt their capability teaching us particularly me who had been spending over 4 years learning English Language and Literature in Hasanuddin University. Besides that, I was involved to be judge and teacher in some English events in my university and beyond. Do I forget I was a teacher in Malino English Village also?
English teacher for elementary school has been banned for a long time in Bone Regency. However, the students are allowed to study English again. I speculate the regent established the programme to make fortune. Why do I know the regent established that? My relative who is a policeman told me so. The programme seems to be a obligatory for those who want to teach English at Elementary School. An yup, this programme is not free after all!  That's how the regent makes money every body. Smart politician. Joining this programme is totally a waste of money. I expect to find something new then.

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