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I’m So Happy Now That…I Know The Secret

Posted on the 02 July 2011 by Thejessicatuck @thejessicatuck

I watched The Secret movie last night with my family.  I’ve read the book twice, and this was my first time with the movie.

Every time I open The Secret I’m struck by something new that I can apply to bring the Law of Attraction into effect.  One of the more powerful suggestions in the movie and book is to visualize what you want, and feel as though you already have it.  One contributor suggests writing it down by saying “I’m so happy now that” -

One of the tricky things about The Secret for me is that I want to believe in it, but I’m scared.  I, probably like so many of you, am afraid to truly evaluate what I want to be, have and do, because I figure it’s unachievable.  This blog post is a huge (gulp) scary things for me to openly put out there what I really want.  What if I don’t get it? That’s the amazing thing about The Secret – it doesn’t work if I “what if it” so if I don’t get these things it’s due to not really wanting them and not visualizing having them, it’s due to my own reluctance and holding back.

So, here’s my entry – be gentle with me dear readers :)

I’m so happy now that I’ve got a great full-time blogging and social media management job, had a tummy tuck, bought a new Tahoe, treated my hair with a Brazilian blowout.

I’m so happy now that I get regular nail and eyebrow treatments.

I’m so happy now that I have plenty of money to take trips, go to concerts, go to baseball and footballs games, pay for and go to Crossfit every day, buy purses and clothes and sunglasses and shoes that I want.

The Secret is to

Think it, visualize it, believe it, and FEEL it

Believe it’s possible, believe i deserve it.

Intend it.

The 3-step process is to – Ask, believe, receive.

I wish to go to Blogher

I wish to have a tummy tuck in December

I’m so Happy Now That…I Know The Secret

After picture from a tummy tuck - like I'm going to have

I wish to have enough money to do the personal care/beauty treatments I want to make me feel good about myself.

I wish to be strong, fit, fast, and thin.


Many of these things are in my control  to do something about, and some of them will come to me as a result of doing those things that are within my control.  Some of them I can’t see how they’ll happen, but I have trust in the Secret and use the analogy that I can travel from New York to LA in the dark only being able to see a few hundred feet in front of me at a time. I can’t see the entire path ahead, but I know that the path needed to get me where I want to be is there and laid out already, even if I can’t see it.


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