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I Need More Space at Home

Posted on the 11 October 2019 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw
British homes are among the smallest houses in Europe. But it’s nothing new. You’ve probably already noticed significant differences last time you booked a holiday in a rental property in the Alps or by the Med. Coming back home after a holiday abroad can feel like a punishment. Why is your home so small? The truth is that we, British homeowners, unfortunately, have to learn to live with it. Ultimately, England only has a population density of 424 inhabitants per km2. For comparison, France has a density of 118 inhabitants per km2, and Italy has 200 inhabitants per km2. In other words, we live in a heavily populated country, which means that real estate properties have had to adjust.
However, understanding which our homes feel small doesn’t solve the issue. When you need more space under your roof and can’t afford to quit everything to live in a countryside manor house, you need to be creative.
I Need More Space at Home
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Less is more

If you’re going to create additional living space in your home without magically moving the walls away from each other, the quickest and most cost-effective solution is to declutter the room. Decluttering has become a population interior design approach since Marie Kondo exposes her “keep the things that spark joy” principle. But the bottom line is that we have the unhealthy tendency to buy too much and develop an inexplicable attachment to inanimate objects. If you’ve found yourself shedding a tear when you’ve had to get rid of a pair of damaged heels, you probably know exactly what it feels! However, sorting through your belongings and getting rid of everything you don’t need or use could free up a lot of space. Additionally, your storage organisation can radically transform the room. Moving furniture to make the most of the surface and the height, and adding smart storage boxes and solutions will revive your interior.

Can you afford an extension?

You may not be able to upsize your home. But you can consider a conversion or a small extension to give yourself some breathing space. Turning your attic into an extra bedroom, or adding a conservatory to your lounge can make your house feel more spacious. Ideally, you want to plan your home improvement project with a local electrician and builder team to keep your budget and delivery data under control. Besides, an extension can add value to your property, which is something to consider if you want to sell in future.
I Need More Space at Home
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You already have all the room you need

If you’ve got a garage or a garden shed that accumulates dust and a pile or useless tools you never need, you might just have found yourself the perfect, all-included extension. Why not turn your shed into a cosy hideaway where you can recharge your batteries in peace? For WAHMS, the shed could become the necessary home office, for instance. Craft enthusiasts could use it as a creative studio. For kids, it could be a playroom. In other words, with a little imagination, you could build yourself a comfortable little nest!
Being creative in a tiny home is the key to building a space that meets your needs and suits your family. Ultimately, there’s no reason for your house to feel cramped and busy when it has the potential to become a spacious and inviting space.
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