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I Was Thinking...

Posted on the 23 October 2013 by Owlandtwine
I was thinking...I was thinking...I was thinking...
For some reason today, I was thinking about a day a handful of years ago when I was chatting with a friend at work about her morning.  She told me how she had parked in a lot and was getting ready to walk the blocks to work when a homeless man walked up to her and asked her if she had any change she could spare.  Nope, she said, but I do have this one peach that you can have.  She said he took the peach and held it in his hands, ran his hands over the peach.  Then he took a bite, and then another, and another.  They leaned against her car in the sunshine while he ate the peach, quiet.  When he finished eating it, he smiled big and did a kind of mmmMMMmmm.  He thanked her and walked off.
For some reason today, I can picture her face as she was telling me this story, crystal clear.

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