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I Wish You Knew It.

Posted on the 12 December 2012 by Eugenal @MRoyalDisaster

I wish you knew it.Women are difficult and complicated. Sometimes it is really difficult understand what your girlfriend wants and what she expects to get. Some girls saying “no” mean “yes”. Well, they are wonderful anyway. I would like to share some tips regarding relations. What seems obvious to girls are not obvious to guys. I hope my advise would help you.

Strangely enough but it is very important for some girls to be introduced to your friends and to your family. It means that you have serious intentions. And if you do not do it it will be a disaster. Just keep in mind.

I’m sure that your girlfriend would not appreciate if you keep in touch with other girls. I mean it is okay of course but it would be hurtful for your girlfriend. She would be sure that they are much more better than she is, that they are much more interesting and so on. Your girlfriend should be sure that she is the only one in your life and you need no one else. It is very important. If you fail to understand it probably your relations would not work out.

Sometimes it seems like your girlfriend want to be alone and she doesn’t want to see anyone. Well, actually she needs and requires your attention acting like this. She might be irritated. But actually she wants you to kiss and embrace her.

Don’t keep secrets. I’m sure she would like to know absolutely everything about you. Girls are very curious. Some unimportant things turn out to be very important for them. It is strange I know but you have to make up your mind to it if you do not want to damage your relations.

Girls like surprises. It would be very nice indeed to surprise her doing something simple. Just write her a romantic letter and cook something. I know that for some guys it is a challenge. But if you like her then do it. To tell the truth it would not take much time. No doubts she would like it and next time she would try to surprise you.

You will be surprised to find out but some girls are not about money and expensive gifts. Of course it depends on her. But you may make her happy doing something simple. Just be attentive, gentle and loving. It seems like those things are the most important for them. Take care!

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