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Image of the Day : Share the Love

Posted on the 21 December 2017 by Belinda Mccarthy @b_mccarthyphoto

In my career photographing weddings throughout Dorset, Devon and Somerset - as well as further afield - I've seen many different types of weddings and enjoyed the thrill of photographing many people. Throughout every wedding, no matter how big or small, there is one constant, one thing that binds them all together. Emotion. Without emotion, a photograph is merely a photograph. When emotion is captured, it becomes something more, something that speaks to your heart, no matter if you know the subject or not.

That's how I feel when I look at this particular image from a lovely countryside wedding in Devon this year, during the bridal preparations. This photograph was shot during that special time when the bride thanks her bridesmaids for being there for her and being part of her wedding party, whilst giving out cards and gifts. As an aside, it wasn't that long ago that this gift giving traditionally happened during the wedding breakfast speeches, but that's very rare now, probably for two reasons; one, that the bride often gives the bridesmaids jewellery to wear during the wedding itself, and secondly, because it's that much more special and emotional when it's done in private, without a room of watching eyes.

Of course, even when this gift giving is done in private, I'm generally there to photograph the special moments between the bride and her maids. That for me is the best of both worlds, as this means that not only do they get the privacy they would like, but also the lovely images to cherish forever.

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