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Image of the Day : Wedding Ring

Posted on the 07 December 2017 by Belinda Mccarthy @b_mccarthyphoto

Today's Image of the Day comes from a winter wedding at Crowcombe Court in West Somerset - and it's one of those moments that, as a wedding photographer, I always look out for - when the new husband checks out his bling! It's typically a fleeting moment so I have to be on my guard to watch out for it..... but what a moment it is, when he stops and looks at the ring which signifies to the world that he is now a loving husband.

Most men aren't used to wearing jewellery, and rings in particular, so the feeling of the wedding ring on their finger is something that often distracts them during the wedding day. I regularly catch grooms absently turning the ring as they get used to wearing it, and this is also a wonderful moment for me to capture and add to the photographs of their wedding day. It's the small moments like these that are often the most powerful at storytelling, and that's something as documentary wedding photographers that we have to always bear in mind. We're not just taking wedding photographs. We're creating a lasting historical record of the story of one momentous day.

As you can see, this particular image was taken in the church directly after the wedding ceremony and the signing of the register. The vicar is in the background, preparing the wedding certificate to hand to the couple in a few moments' time. This was the first opportunity that the bride and groom really had to speak to each other after exchanging their vows, and as such there were undoubtedly words spoken that meant the world to each other. Whilst we wedding photographers can't hear what has been said, we can read body language and truly know that this is a moment that the couple will remember forever.

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