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Impeach Trump!

Posted on the 01 November 2019 by Martingevans
Despite what Republicans say, it is clear that Mr. Trump has committed an impeachable offense (Few Defectors and No Sign That Either Side Will Give an Inch. New York Times, November 1, 2019: A1, A16).
What Mr. Trump has done in the Ukraine is much, much worse than Nixon's action in Watergate.  Trump and Nixon shared two high crises. Mr. Trump added a third.
Mr. Nixon's campaign team carried out a robbery at the Watergate apartment complex to get dirt on the Democratic party.  Mr. Trump asked the Ukraine government to provide dirt on the Democrats in two areas: Hillary Clinton's computer server and Joe Biden's son.
Mr. Nixon and his staff tried desperately to cover up their crimes; an obstruction of justice. Mr. Trump has resolutely put pressure on members of his staff and on members of the wider administration to refrain from responding to Congressional subpoenas; an obstruction of justice.
In addition, Mr. Trump undermined US policy goals by withholding military aid to Ukraine while it was under ongoing attacks by Russia; this is treason, the highers of crimes.
Mr. Trump should be impeached. He should be tried in the Senate. He should be removed from office.

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