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Impeaching Trump

Posted on the 13 November 2019 by Laurken @stoicjello

(Martha…don’t bother reading)

I hated Civics.  I think I took two classes worth in HS, but then again, I can’t remember what I did an hour ago.    Even so, I understand impeachment and the legit reasons for it, why we have to have it.      I also understand when it’s used for
electoral subversion.    He’ll win again in 2020, and they know it,   So, they’ll do everything they can to prevent him from even running.      And when the Senate votes against impeachment charges…..even if it’s six days before Election Day, the Dems will try “dethrone attempt #456”.     Don’t be surprised if pursing lips, a lifelong facial gesture Trump frequently makes, becomes a federal offense.

Like this:


I was a Sophomore in HS during Nixon’s Watergate nonsense and I remember his resignation speech in which he relentlessly claimed he wasn’t a crook.    Yet he quit because,  well, it’s always better to leave on one’s own volition then to be asked to do so.    Or in Nixon’s case, forcibly lead away in handcuffs.   He saved the American taxpayers billions by avoiding the judicial process altogether.    He then made sure his presidential replacement, Gerald Ford pardoned him immediately for anything he might have done that might could even be remotely construed as “illegal”  regarding the American populace.   I mean, he said he was innocent, right?   Uh-huh.   As for Nixon’s high crimes and misdemeanors?      We may never know the full extent.

Look, I’m a realist.   I’m a pretty good reader of people save for prospective love interests, so I have NO doubt in my mind that Trump can probably be a massive asshole.    I’m quite sure working for him as mid-level underling might be close to, if not standing smack dab in the center of the ninth circle of hell.      But I also think under all that hyperbole, self-aggrandizement  and ego lies a huge contrast, a decent human that might be a very difficult man, but those combine to form a very good president.    I hear regular people and news types cast aspersions against him and in my gut, I know most them to be false or greatly exaggerated.    He’s conniving  and vengeful, errant, but he’s also quite smart, conniving and punches back  harder than he was hit.   I guess the power of the punch depends on the infraction.  

I think Hillary’s loss and  Trump’s victory are two different things.     It’s hard to explain, but It’s the relentless attacks that come immediately after the most recent one failed as if is like they’re operating from a check list.   Okay, collusion didn’t work.   Enter Stormy.  Nope, that didn’t work, Mueller failed flat and so on and so on.  His removal from office was planned the minute he took Florida in 2016.

It made them nuts.    And it continues to make them nuts for they know not what they are doing.   I almost pity them.  They’re unleashing a lion..   And if the Dems  win back the White House in 2024 (providing they don’t continue to  do irreparable harm to their own party, but with Trump they can’t help themselves.     Republicans won’t forget the past three years.   Dems won’t be able to do a thing without someone calling for a full scale investigation.       Take a US government issued paper clip home?    Enjoy your stay in Leavenworth, AOC!

Trump has changed the Republican Party almost single-handedly.   No longer will they just roll-over and define civility.    He studies from the same playbooks the Dems have been reading since Carville and  Clinton got to the White House.  The Republicans have become scrappy little fighters.    Trump might have the changed the entire political landscape:, of campaigning too.     I recently saw Elizabeth Warren on a video speaking attempting to speak  “common”.  She was also trying to slam down longnecks.    Comedy.

I want recompense for Trump, both, personal and professional.    I want four more years of the Orange Man, then maybe four or eight more years of another Trump Republican who can move social and economic mountains with little to no help at all.   This person should be able to speak  to the disenfranchised in America, whether in a cornfield in Kansas or a group of blue collar mechanics in some small town in Arizona.

Seriously.  Political elitism is dead.

Ultimately, I want the Dems to pay for these ridiculous attempts at all their endless coup d’tats.  And I say this not as a Trump Republican, but because I used to be a Democrat as recently as the mid 90’s.     Voted for Bill, though  I was never too fond of  him.    Eventually, his lasciviousness became too obvious.   But I liked Hillary.   Even though  I thought her idiocy was showing,  especially calling the Monica affair  untrue and nothing but “a vast, right-wing conspiracy.”

But legally, she was/is a political spouse.  She must have played endless loops of the country song, “Stand By Your Man” in her head.  She wouldn’t have left him.  The  money and power have always been Hill’s lifeblood.    Same way with most people, both in and out of the public eye, but with Hillary,  it was way she denied it.    I’ve never seen someone’s eyes and mouth be so out of synch as hers were during that time.   Vapid eyes, while verbally denying and/or outright  lying.   Even so, I found her to be politically savvy and manly enough to pull off the womanhood needed to be the first U.S. President with ovaries.     There was a time, I thought she hung the moon.

Now I realize she only does that to her enemies.

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