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Improvement Is Eternal

Posted on the 29 November 2012 by Rjnielsen039 @RobertJ_Nielsen

“Improvement begins with I.” ~Arnold H. Glasow~

“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.” ~Kim Collins~


Okay, so today’s reflection was an obvious choice for me. I’m always working on improving, whether it’s a talent or skill, a personal flaw, or even just my attitude. There’s always room for improvement. Perfect doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to better ourselves. I write every day. No matter how tedious it may be at times, and no matter how little I actually publish. It doesn’t change the fact that for my writing abilities to improve, I have to continually work at it. The same goes for everything in life.

First of all, I knew that I was going to choose the first quote the second I found it. It just speaks to me. I will never be able to improve anything in my life if I don’t take the first steps myself. What’s my goal? What steps am I going to take to get there? Do I need to break it down into smaller goals? And finally, it just won’t happen if I don’t take the initiative and put forth the effort myself.

I love the second quote because so many people (myself included at times) want to be perfect. It doesn’t matter in what way, or what particular aspect, it just isn’t going to happen. Our universe doesn’t fit perfect into it’s model. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t always continue to improve. There is no such thing as perfection simply because there is no cap on how high the bar can be set. You can always find something more you need to learn, brush up on, etc.

This post is pretty short, but it’s more about the message than the content here, and I wanted to convey a couple of simple things to keep you motivated;

Never give up.

Learn from your mistakes.

Stay confident.

Set realistic goals, and reward yourself for achieving them.

It can often be a long journey, and you won’t always (or even usually) get the results you were hoping for, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t always get the results that you need. Keep your head up and concentrate on the small victories.

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