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Installing Love !!!

Posted on the 20 April 2012 by Unforgettable

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. So, let me try to teach the same to you at this very tender age.
Ahhhhhhh…… uhhhhhh….. before you reach to read ahead of this topic.. I want you all to feel some love with the breeeeze of love flowing around this article (flowing since the time I was writing this). So people, let’s minimize all other applications running to let LOVE installed into you.
No, it’s not a game am talking about, nor it’s an application that could be installed easily by clicking on the install button and giving the path for installation rather it’s related to locating your heart and installing all the love it can hold into it.
Installing love into your heart requires real technical knowledge as many programs already installed in your heart might get clashed with it and many undeleted files of the programs used once might show compatibility issues. ;)
So, you need to uninstall them completely from your heart. Check for any past hurt.exe, low esteem.exe, anger.exe, grudge.exe, resentment.exe file left in your heart.
And once love is installed, it will gradually erase all the unwanted data in your heart without affecting any other data and applications running and will also contribute in the smooth functioning of your operating system. It will automatically patch and overwrite Low esteem.exe with self esteem.exe and will automatically invoke forgiveness.exe.

Its other features include automatic updates which will help you to connect with others' heart easily and will also let you realize their worth. It can also play .mpeg files so that you can see your smile easily and share it with others throughout your life. You never will be seeing an error message stating 'unable to connect' if you installed this program correctly. And now you will be connecting with other people to share their data and information to find your match easily.
So let’s spread this Love program everywhere so that everyone could install it in their heart and optimize themselves.

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