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Interesting on the Internet This Week - 2

Posted on the 09 August 2014 by Rajrupa @irajrupa

Interesting on the Internet This Week - 2

Source: http://www.vintag.es
Tread Mills of 1920s.

Our ancestors sure had a weird bone! How else did they come up with these?
Behind the scenes of famous movies! How many have you watched? Chai Chai, garam chai? Anyone?
Well, I’d be angry too, if they sent me to Adra instead of Agra!
Simple Math Quiz - How many levels did you pass?I am watching The Honorable WomanAn eight-episode miniseries, it is an incredibly complex both mystery and spy thriller. It is filled with sketchy characters imploring others to trust them. In this shadowy world of politicians, military types, spies, and corporates, you can't really trust anyone, and everybody has a secret self. A doctor or limo driver or waiter could turn out to be an information thief or a hired killer. The persistent threat of betrayal and violence makes even the quiet scenes unsettling. Love,
Interesting on the Internet This Week - 2

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