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It's a Butt Day

Posted on the 12 February 2015 by Shangi @lifefruitbasket
So today, I managed to rip my pants while at work. It didn't rip at the seams, I didn't even hear nor feel anything weird 'til my happy undies waved back at me while I was checking myself out in the restroom (I check my own butt, so sue me). Naturally, when I got home, I told my siblings about it in our group chat. I was hoping to gain some sympathy but I think I might have just opened Pandora's box. Berry, Peachy and Orange are my older sisters--- one is a lawyer, one is a no-fuss kinda mom and the other helps manage my Dad's law firm, so I was expecting something more in line with a nurturing, caring reaction.
Pshhh. Yeah. Right.
This is sibling love, Exhibit A
Some words are in Filipino but you get the idea. To those who don't know, Shangi is my nickname only used by my family. Don't ask me how it evolved from Pears, it just did.
It's a Butt Day
Exhibit B
It's a Butt Day
I'm just thinking out loud... Is it right to say walked into that one instead of walked RIGHT into that one?
I got 99 problems and a pair of ripped pants is definitely one!
Toodles! :)

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