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It’s All About Determination

Posted on the 01 June 2012 by Mochocki @mochocki

A recent post by Jeff Goins, Stop Looking for Excuses to Not Be Awesome, got me thinking. Not only did the title make me smile, but also made me pause for a bit of self-reflection.

I’ve had a somewhat privileged life. I haven’t had any huge hurdles to overcome. My family never struggled due to finances or relationships. I have nothing to complain about.

But the same is not true with my husband. But if you look at him now, you’d never know.

But what does any of that matter?

It’s All About Determination

Photo from Marc Falardeau, Creative Commons

We each experienced a different past. A past filled with hurts, joys, struggles and achievements unique to us. Even siblings have separate experiences.

But just because someone “came” from somewhere does not mean that they are stuck there forever.

As Jeff said, you have no excuse to not be awesome!

My husband decided to break the chains that haunted his family. He wiped away the “norms” he knew growing up.

He made the choice. And God gave him the grace to stay determined.

It wasn’t an overnight change. He still works at it each day. But he made the choice to change – to take that dirt road and travel down a different path that lead to a better life.

We are only as stuck as we choose. Our pains and addictions can have a hold over us, or we can be determined to change.

To be better.
To be healthier.
To be happier.

Don’t let who you were determine who you are or who you will be. Look at where you want to end up and start taking the steps needed toward that goal. No one can hold you back but yourself.

Are there hurdles that you’ve overcome to create a better you? Leave a comment below!

Photo from Marc Falardeau, Creative Commons

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