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It’s Hard to Miss Someone Close to Your Heart

Posted on the 10 July 2012 by Wilsontom @wilsontom1

It’s Hard to Miss Someone Close to your HeartThe departure date is getting closer, so as the feeling of losing someone really close to my heart is also making me deserted. The loss is heavy on my heart, it’s like you loved someone and losing them.  Maybe you hoped for things and they just never panned out. Maybe the people you admired most turned out to be other people entirely. All this is because my dearest friend Aswathy is going abroad to Dubai.
With the help of internet I know I can be connected to her. But the distance between us is sometimes hard to take, isn't it?  When she is with me it was easier to go out for a cup of coffee or give her a hug. Today even sitting with her and moment when talking nothing feels precious, but when she will go, internet or facebook won’t replace her absence.
It’s a crazy dilemma to say that missing someone makes us happy because in a way it does. Why not? Missing someone only means that you have someone special to miss contrary to not missing someone you really don’t have. And It’s also true that missing someone can be very hard and hurtful at times, which is most of the time apart from that special someone. Because you always wish that you have that close and hold them tight. Missing someone messes our brains up, sometimes we think of unthinkable things that I would not want to mention anymore. We wish that they were thinking of us constantly the way we are thinking of them too.
It’s Hard to Miss Someone Close to your HeartWe feel hooked when we think that someone who you care will not be there with you tomorrow. You start feeling from that moment itself that something's missing and for some reason you're feeling empty. I guess that's sign that you're starting to develop feelings towards that missing person. Now just hoping with one array of wisdom that, missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will.
Am gona miss you, really gona miss u badly.

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