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It’s Just High School, My Dear.

Posted on the 25 May 2016 by Scribe Project @ascribeproject

“People change.”

“They are not worth it.”

“It’s just a part of life.”

These might be true, but they still mattered to you, they still played a major role in your life – played being the key word. You feel manipulated by their actions, stupid for falling for their lies, sad because you had the illusory thought that you would be friends forever. But what lasts forever? This is an open tear in your beautiful heart, open so much so, you can feel the physical pain of losing people who once meant so much to you. But now, nothing. After all, it’s just high school.

He was your best friend, you used to have long conversations late at night about the future – how it would play out, how you would be. You used to crack uncanny jokes, make puns that every one else would consider juvenile, it didn’t matter though, you both shared common humor.

But, that changed. He changed.

His ‘development of personality’ was something you were too slow for, he seemed to have changed exponentially in the time span of  one month. You were not good enough to be on par with him, he had become a stranger.

Now, his simple presence and the ‘jokes’ he cracks about you – are the residual of the bond you once had.

After all, it’s just high school.

She had been there for you from a young age, she was the person you’d sit with in the car for hours on end, stuck in the endless traffic – eating soggy fries from a McDonald’s takeaway bag. You conversed about the people around you and how their change – good or bad – was affecting you, how you felt.

But, that changed. She changed.

Ironically, she ended up being one of those people who were subjects of that conversation. You couldn’t trust her anymore, and you suddenly felt estranged.

Now, an obliging glance is the only connection you share.

After all, it’s just high school.

He was that boy. He made you feel comfortable in your skin after years of second guessing your body, he made you feel worthy of love. You were no longer lonely at 3am because he was awake to listen to the passion ring in your charming, soft voice whilst you discussed the night sky, how the stars had been aligned in faithful order.

But, that changed. He changed.

He was merely an imitation of your Prince Charming. It was just one among the many masks he had in store, changing daily according to his surroundings. You wonder, late at night when the birds lightly fly above the city and your dog lets out a small snore, was it all just a sham? Did he ever really care or was it just a game on your innocent, naive heart?

All the world’s a stage,

and all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and entrances,

and one man in his time plays many parts.

– William Shakespeare.

Now, a modest acknowledgement of existence is all the kinship you have with him.

After all, it’s just high school.

She was the ultimate girl pal. You spent days and nights watching romantic comedies from ‘The Proposal’ to ‘ Revenge of the Bridesmaids’ – hoping that one day you would find boys that would look at you with that sincere, kind love. You spent hours in the kitchen cooking up cakes, cupcakes, popsicles, pancakes – anything, because it was a delight.

But, that changed. She changed.

She seems to disregard the events that make up the content of your life because she’s too ‘busy’, but she has never been too busy for him. She uses lies now, to cover it up, to appear like it was a matter of inconvenient time.

Now, a look in each other’s direction is the connection you have.

After all, it’s just high school.

Oh, my dear, ‘People change’ – and you will too, maybe it was you they could not keep up with.

The term ‘They are not worth it’ seems to have been worn threadbare – that it has lost all genuine meaning and has become a passing statement.

However, it is the truth.

‘It’s just a part of life.’ This is a minuscule scene in your ever-lasting journey. Do not let it change you. You will forget these people. The pain, the anger, the exasperation – they will fade.

After all, it is just high school.

It’s Just High School, My Dear.‘The Irony’ by Natalie Foss

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