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It's Okay to Be Thankful Thursday

Posted on the 14 June 2012 by Thenigottothinking @tracyzlesh
Today... I am linking up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Make Up and Amber from Brunch with Amber to bring you the first ever  "It's Okay to be Thankful Thursday" It's Okay to be Thankful ThursdayIt's Okay to be Thankful Thursday
The 3 of us are so excited to try out this mashup! We love the idea of not having to make people choose what linkup they want to do. So... we thought - how about If ITS OK and Thankful Thursdays meshed together! You can talk about what you are thankful for, whats OK and Whats OK to be thankful for!
This week, I feel abundantly thankful.. and THAT is OKAY :)
I'm on vacation in beautiful Maui with my grandparents (my dad's parents), my parents, and one of my sisters and bro in law.
Married almost 62 years... my grandpa is 85 and my grandma is 82.
I feel so thankful to be in this beautiful place with people I love so much.
I keep putting myself in the moment to remind myself to soak in every moment of this trip.  It means so much to me to be here with all of them.
It's Okay to be Thankful Thursday
My mom, grandpa and I took a walk along the beach early this morning.  I listened to my grandpa tell me stories about his time in the Navy when he was 19.  So special.
It's Okay to be Thankful Thursday  Always feel so thankful that I ended up with this guy.
It's Okay to be Thankful Thursday Me and my sister were twins tonight.  We found these matching dresses while we were shopping a while back, and I had to pair them with the bib necklaces :)  Love this sweet girl. Link up below and tell us what you're thankful for... or what's Ok! Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!! Aloha

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