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John Greed Jewellery - Magic Happens!

Posted on the 12 February 2013 by Lemoncakeuk @lemonfancy

John Greed Jewellery's Valentine’s Day Blogger  Challenge

Twas when I was young, that it all begun, my love of all things MAGIC!But alas it twas not real, and my life is dark and TRAGIC!

Seriously, Thought I'd start this of all creepy and Grimm brother like but as this is about jewelry I couldn't keep it up!
John Greed Jewellery have given out a challenge to bloggers in the form of a mood board filled with your make you go squeeeeeeeeeee favourite pieces from their wonderful website! With a budget of a whopping £250 to spend this might take me a while!
John Greed Jewellery - Magic Happens!
As one not to ever turn down a challenge especially when it involves jewellery, fashion, beauty or film I just can't say no! I'm like a virtual child in an online sweet shop!
As I am born under the star sign of Libra and also with 7 of my planets also in that area of my chart - choosing can take me a while (just stand me in front of a chocolate counter and say pick 1 bar) but not so this time! I knew exactly what I wanted!
For a while now I have been building up a charm bracelet that started when I was bought a gorgeous Thomas Sabo bracelet with charms for my 40th last year by a group of very dear friends.
I instantly started hunting down charms that meant something to me but suddenly I realised I wanted a Fairytale theme, with added magic and anything mystical - so I have a magic mirror and slipper; Cinderella's coach and the clock striking Midnight, A single red rose, a key, a four leaf clover and an apple..
John Greed Jewellery - Magic Happens!
It is a long way off from being finished so this challenge was an absolute delight!
After losing myself in what seemed like days I have finally decided on my selection which I hope you will like! 
I found so much I liked that I couldn't just stick to charms so still in keeping with my theme I found a gorgeous necklace and ring that remind me of the Grimm's story of Snow White and Briar Rose - Black as Coal and the opposite to Snow White in every way!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across the Once Upon A Time charm - It is obviously just perfect and has to be number one in my choice.The frog is for obvious reasons (We've all had to kiss a few of those haven't we girls?!) Maybe having him on my bracelet will attract my Prince Charming (no warts though please)!
The ring and necklace although made by different companies are so complimentary of each other and the blood red enamelling is just perfect as I love red in jewelry.
John Greed Jewellery - Magic Happens!
John Greed Jewellery - Magic Happens!
Now if I hadn't of stuck to a theme I could have had so many more items as John Greed Jewellery certainly caters for all tastes and all pockets! The prices are so reasonable with beautiful charms starting from only £13!
I really wanted to keep to my magical theme though and I love my items and that is what it is all about, you have to LOVE your jewelry. It's not just an adornment it is a projection of you and what you want to say about yourself to the world around you.
This challenge has fitted in so well with Valentines Day (I'm almost feeling romantic!) and for me it has brought a little magic to my blog.... Happy Valentines Day Jewellery lovers!
The individual pieces can be found here in more detail:

Alchemy Pewter Bed of Blood Roses Necklace

Thomas Sabo Silver Enamel Frog Crown Pearl Charm

Pandora Silver and Onyx Rose Ring 

Links of London Silver Once Upon a Time Book Locket Charm

You can find out more and have a good look at the range that John Greed offers at the website or following on Facebook and Twitter, just follow the links:

John Greed on Facebook
John Greed on Twitter

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