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Judge My Outfits.

Posted on the 16 October 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
I really have a love hate relationship with pinterest. Most of the time I actually hate it. When I am on there I feel like I need to work on being crafty, and I am jealous of all the cool things other people can make. Or I feel like I am an outcast because the weird things my friends post in their humor section, well let's be honest.. they really aren't that funny at all. Also I don't work out, and I don't cook. I don't need 100 recipes for chicken noodle soup, because Jared and I either eat Spaghetti or Cereal for dinner most of the time, then we lounge around being bloated in our undies, I don't go and work out. So I don't need to know how to tone my thighs, or have a rock hard booty. Lastly, I always end up in the animals sections. I hate this section more than anything because in reality I just want all those puppies, and it breaks my heart that I don't live on a farm, and have no job because then I could play with my 19 puppies all day long. 
The only section I can stand SOMETIMES is the fashion section. The only reason I am even on pinterest is because I love fall fashion, but usually cannot make a cute outfit on my own. I always have all the pieces to outfits, but until I see it done, I really can't formulate that awesome of an outfit. So the past few weeks I have been on pinterest looking at some fall fashion, and deciding what I do and don't like. I even have a shopping list in my phone for items that show up on multiple outfits like fringe boots. I really need those. 
When I am feeling oober ambitious in the morning, before work, which to the day has only been twice. I will pull up pinterest to remind myself how to dress. What do you think of my pinterest copy cat outfits?
Judge my outfits.
Judge my outfits.
Also, I want to thank pinterest for spending the night with me last night while I tried 200 different ways to tie a scarf {funny - but not joking}
SO What do you think?? Am I a fashionista yet??

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