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Jumpin' & Jivin'

Posted on the 28 February 2012 by Jacabag @jacabag
Tonight saw the end of my beginners Jive classes with Hula Boogie, and now I am desperate for some more.
I get really embarrassed and awkward at these kind of things. Constantly moving from one dance partner to the next... I think I ended up saying 'hello' and 'thank you' each of the guys in the room about 20 times each. But forgetting that part, the dancing was really good fun, and not as difficult as I was expecting.
The beginning of each class starts with Ms Aloha showing us what we'll be learning in the next hour. Each time it looks far too confusing and a little bit daunting. But the steps were broken into tiny chunks, and everyone was picking them up quickly, even me!
Loved, loved, loved a bit of jiving on a Tuesday night. And now I have to make a much bigger effort to attend some jive and swing nights to get my practice in. Who's with me?
Unfortunately I don't have any photos of me and Miss Teefey Belle at our dance class, but here's what we looked like... or something..

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