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June, Why Do You Hate Me?

Posted on the 18 June 2012 by Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

Still waiting to hear back from that job I supposedly had about three/four weeks ago.  Oh well.  I’ve come to terms with maybe having to look for a different job starting in July as much as I wanted this one to work out.  It could still turn around though.  Do you ever have months that just don’t seem to get along with you?  Well for me it’s June (usually into the first week of July).  And also September, I’ve yet to have a really good September.  Not only do things seem to be just a little off I’ve also had to deal with another death that hit close to my heart.  I just keep telling myself if I keep doing the things that make me happy June will be over soon enough… “just keep swimming” as my favorite fish in one of my favorite Disney movies would say.

I also have a little confession about my cross-stitch project pictures from here on out.  Due to the massive amount of stress and (if I’m lucky) work that will be coming my way once student teaching starts I’m going to start stock-piling in-progress pictures of my cross-stitch projects so I can still continue with my blog and not have lots of weeks where I have nothing to share.  So the pictures you’re seeing now are actually pictures from several weeks ago but the work is still all mine.  This way I can stay a few weeks ahead in pictures all the time, but still write my blogs when they’re posted.

All that aside, here are pictures from the big project I’ve finally started again.

June, Why Do You Hate Me?

Here’s what has been done so far.  I’ve got my scroll frame stand from out of the basement and I’ve decided to try and use it.  I’m not entirely sure I like it more than my hoop.  I feel like my hoop is much more portable, I’m used to it, and it’s easier to control the threads on the back of the project.  The scroll-frame does allow for me to stitch with both hands though and this keeps my wrists from getting sore after holding a hoop for several hours. Still not sure I’m sold on the scroll from stands though.  I like being able to just roll up and down when I need to move my project but then I can never get the tension the way I can on a hoop.  Hmm…it’s a tough call…

June, Why Do You Hate Me?

Close up of my latest finish

Here’s a close up of what I’ve finished since the last time I updated.  This is a lot more close up than I thought it would be, you can actually see the individual stitches.  My new camera is much better than my old one.  Although now you can see all those little imperfections I could hide with bad camera quality before.  Such a tough life.

Anyway, I’ll be back Wednesday with some more updates.  Thanks for stopping by, do something crafty or read a good book.  Oh, and I’d like to give a shout out to my favorite college friend “S” because it was her blackjack birthday last week (21).  So yay for her!

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