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Just Keepin’ It Real

Posted on the 21 June 2012 by Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys! You were all so supportive last night.

Jacqueline said:

Rest days are just as important as working out. There, your off the hook!

Katie said:

isn’t it great to take a day away from the gym sometimes!?

Ellie said:

I think it’s great that you rested because trust me–we NEED TO REST in order to stay healthy and see improvement in the long run.

Thanks Guys!

just keepin’ it real

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a rebel and do things a little left of center. I don’t want to feel guilty for skipping a workout here and there.


just keepin’ it real

I wasn’t making breakfast this morning. I didn’t feel hungry and when I don’t feel hungry, breakfast does NOT taste great.

So I figured I’d get a soy latte for a little staying power and skip. Well… once I got into Starbucks the pastry case of heavenly joy called to me.

just keepin’ it real

So I healthified my pastry craving with a reduced fat-turkey bacon breakfast sandwich, cheese removed.

420 calories of awesome-ness!

just keepin’ it real

Let the thanking continue…

Yesterday afternoon I did something totally crazy… I bought these new ray-ban specs.

Can I let you in on a little secret? I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT! Lens Crafters promises you glasses in 1 hr. So I ordered them (after texting my Mom pictures and asking if I was being crazy… she said no) and I went to get some lunch. All during lunch I was like “Maren, what were you thinking?!”.

After picking them up I felt better, I really liked them but I was still feeling really self conscious. They’re definitely a little Apollo 13. (please tell me I’m not the only nerd and you’ve seen this movie)

Rocket-Scientist_07 542297_487064237974847_172976559_n

I posted a few pictures on instagram and you all overwhelmed me with LOVE. Literally! I felt so much better.

I also secretly got these glasses because my blog buddy Corrie Anne has similar ones and I LOVE hers!

img_4104 photo

Girl, you totally inspired me to go with my gut and be geek-chic. :mrgreen: LOVE IT!

Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

When was the last time you followed your gut, did something a little “out there” and were 110% happy with the result?

Do you wear contacts and do you like them?

The doctor says my eyes are bad enough to wear them now… I’m figuring out if I should.

When you get a latte do you order it special?

Do you have a vacation planned this summer? Are you counting down the days?

YES! September 1st we’re going to SunRiver, Oregon!! Eeeeee.

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