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Kalpana An Imagination by Yogita: A Challenging Life Of A Girl

Posted on the 23 November 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Though Kalpana An Imagination is a debut entry by Yogita, it reflects quite a significant aspects of the author. She is a keen observant of life and around. In addition, she gives a lot of weightage to relationships in life and cares a lot for her family. Finally, she is bold enough to share the negatives and positives of life without fabricating them. These qualities like straightforwardness, reading life keenly as you move along, and a strong urge to express ensure to evolve her into a successful author soon. Kalpana An Imagination is a fictional autobiography. The story covers a period starting author’s childhood to teenage to youth. Despite writing is simple and straight, the reader will find an element of sincerity and courage that keeps flow and interest intact throughout. After every page, you will think what’s coming next. That makes this 99-page book quite interesting.

Kalpana An Imagination by Yogita: A Challenging Life Of A Girl

The story of Kalpana An Imagination by Yogita forces you to go through the realities of life a young girl passes through during her childhood and travel towards adulthood. It also makes you think what happens inside the mind while passing through these stages. What looks simple to us might be quite a complex situation for a girl in those conditions. Because that is the stage of life where most of the pages in mind are blank and thus imprint longlasting impressions of whatever happens in life. Every painting on a blank canvas the mind produces is a result of innocence and acceptance. Overall, the story of Kalpana An Imagination is very important to read by all teenagers, parents, teachers, and children to understand the turbulence in mind due to the environment, peers, and incidents.

Kalpana An Imagination Is A Fictional Autobiography

It will be interesting to understand why it becomes important for Kalpana, the lead character of Kalpana an Imagination by Yogita, to learn abusive language from her peers. In fact, it is also interesting to see how peers impact more than your parents in your thinking. As a matter of fact, while the parents create a base for their children, it is the external elements like peers, environmental situations, and day to day consequences that create building blocks on that base thus helping in gaining maturity of thoughts and ideas. Kalpana shows that nothing is impossible in life to achieve. All it requires is a sincere pool of efforts and hard work. Despite a number of lows and downs in Kalpana’s life she never loses grip of hope and positivity. That, in fact, helps her keep moving in the right direction.

Actually, it is not necessary that you are always able to find or choose right friends in life. But it is important to stay alert and awake to understand malicious intentions of those who are not right. On the other hand, misunderstandings do happen in life, but one needs to stay calm and wise during those moments to let the clouds of doubts get clear on their own. In addition, past incidents can change your perception about society and friends during that fragile phase of life. The book, Kalpana An Imagination, in fact, also talks about girl power and gender equality. There are a few important learnings in this book. First and foremost, never kill a child inside you in spite of whatever age you attain. Second, always stay positive and clear in mind. Third, cherish friendships and love. Fourth, respect everyone starting from you.

Kalpana An Imagination Is A Must Read for Every Young Girl

Kalpana An Imagination is, in fact, a journey while tackling life-consequences, in a sincere manner. There will be friends in life who breach your trust but then that’s what life is. Take a learning and move ahead. Finding a right partner who steals away your depressing moments and covers up your setbacks is important. An important question that comes to my mind after finishing this book is why trust from a girl invites lust from a boy? Well, the story is not yet complete. You will have to wait for the next book in the serial to launch to read further about Kalpana and her life journey. I find a glimpse of Amrita Pritam in this author’s writing. But it is too early to suggest. The cover image goes well with the story.

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