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Keeping the Dream Alive

Posted on the 20 February 2013 by Sighbury @sighbury

Montgomery Clift

I’ve just renewed the license for the web hosting and domain of this blog. I decided to take the five year option as it works out cheaper than renewing every two years. It set me back £150 instead of £220 which is quite a saving. Except I’m paying for something I rarely use so the smart option would be to let the license expire and save myself a tidy wedge that could be spent on something more essential, like a new carpet for my kids to ruin.

The trouble is I’m kind of tied in to this whole blog thing now for the simple reason that I’ve convinced myself that there’s the world’s best blog post lurking inside of me just waiting to get out and reveal itself to my readership of one. It’s the same totally devoid-of-reality logic that still makes me feel I may not yet have missed out on my opportunity of representing Arsenal at football or fronting a platinum-selling rock n roll band.

So while the dream lives on I shall keep this darn blog and maybe do something really radical, like actually post some stuff on a semi-regular basis. Solitary Fan, you have been warned…

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