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Key to Avoiding Hectic Holidays!

Posted on the 23 November 2012 by Lorrper @lorrper
1. Buy what your children need when they need it. Nothing a kid considers more boring than receiving socks for Christmas.
2. Buy special gifts for your friends/family all year long when DESERVED. No need to wait for this one time of year to pile it all on.
3. Do not try to buy anyone's love with gifts. Most of the time he/she rather have your time.
4. Buy gifts that promote quality time. There are plenty of Xbox games you can play together.
5. Instead of buying gifts for Christmas consider buying only one or two gifts and spending the rest of that money on a vacation.
6. Nothing teaches us about the spirit of Christmas more than serving. Even if you do not have children serving others can bring a special joy within that far out values gifts you buy in a store.
7. Buy gifts online. Nowadays online deals equal that of Black Fridays and No Lines. If you must go out this day spend it at the movies with friends/family.
8. Group Shop! Yes, if you insist on Black Friday Shopping you might as well do it together and make the most out of it. Besides, you have more resources this way.
9. Let's not forget the spirit of the holidays. Avoid confrontations and unnecessary bickering in stores. Nothing is worth breaking your holiday spirit.
10. Take a moment and reflect on why you or your family celebrate the holidays. Is it a fat jolly man in a suit or does it have a faith connection? Either way, its always a good idea to reflect on our actions and reasonings in doing what we do not just on certain occasions but on a daily basis.

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