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Kicking Off 2020 with Grub

Posted on the 02 January 2020 by Kimeetay @Kimee_Tay

Happy New Decade people of the internet!
One thing I wanna do more of in 2020 is to write and I'm subconsciously forcing myself to pen this down so that this becomes a habit.
So WC and I pretty much slept thru 31/12/2019 23:59 → 01/01/2020 00:00. Haha we woke up at midnight to watch the fireworks outside our bedroom window but that didn't keep us up cause we dozed back off into deep sleep in less than 10 secs.
We had coffee and a donut at Starbucks Reserve @ Pyramid. Thanks again to my Secret Santa for the gift card! And we had the worst meal of 2020 during lunch at Chakri MY - we could almost puke.
We wanted to treat ourselves with a good meal to start off the year. I wanted to try Omakase but we didn't know which to go to or how the restaurant works so we ended up at Grub by Ahong & Friends again. We made a reservation at 6PM for 2 pax using Tableapp and had to pay an RM10 deposit per pax.
And luckily we made a reservation too cause it was full house that night! We arrived slightly late around 6.10PM and our order list was ready (they practice self written orders). We got Table 17 which shall be our favourite table at Grub - cause we had the same table during our last visit!
We ordered our food and paid at the cashier ( I paid via Grabpay cause I kiasu wanna collect points). We only had 2 hour dining limit and luckily our dishes came out pretty quick.
These are what we got, and a bit of an amateur food review:

Kicking Off 2020 with GrubKicking Off 2020 with GrubKicking Off 2020 with GrubKicking Off 2020 with GrubKicking Off 2020 with GrubKicking Off 2020 with Grub

Slow Smoked Duck
Quarter duck slow roasted with charcoal, served with orange reduction, potato and leaf salad
Price: RM30
Thoughts: The duck was slightly disappointing for both of us. It was kinda difficult to eat cause the meat was really tough and difficult to get off the bone. But taste wise, pretty good.
We were kinda full at this point. We had like 3 portions of potatoes but we only had half of the potato 2nd portion and tapaoed the fries. WC wanted to try the duck cause we used to have really good duck meals at What The Duck in Penang.

Kicking Off 2020 with Grub

BUT there's always room for cake in Kim's tummy!
Basque Burnt Cheesecake
Price: RM13
Thoughts: It was really refreshing after our meaty meal. Just the right portion and I don't know how to describe it but it's like smooth but also textured.

Kicking Off 2020 with GrubKicking Off 2020 with Grub

This was our fancy meal to start the year! WC asked which I preferred, the Wagyu or the New York Strip. I liked a mixture of both - like having a few bites of wagyu, then a few bites of New York Strip. Cause this makes my mouth feel different textures (chewy and less chewy) and don't get jelak so easily.
We kinda over ordered a bit but it was a great meal, and we dined like really long cause diners around us that came before and after us had come and go - but we still managed to finish everything by 8PM.
I told WC, maybe next New Year we can try the Tomahawk.

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