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Kids Learning: How to Help Your Child Learn

Posted on the 06 December 2022 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy

Every single person has their own speed and comfort way of learning, it all depends on how fast we can focus and many other things. Remember yourself in school, sometimes it was very difficult to do the homework and understand everything. Kids are even more absent-minded. As parents, we have to be very patient and help our kids to learn new things and not be stressed because of school

In this article, we will see how you can help your children to learn and make the whole learning process interesting and comfortable. 

Kids learning: How to help your child learn

Kids learning: How to help your child learn

VARK method of learning 

There are a lot of ways in which different people learn, it all depends on how our brain works and what is the easiest way of remembering new information. Please don’t think that your child has to learn in the same way as you because it doesn’t work like this. Be patient with your kids, and they’ll have the opportunity to develop in the way their brain needs. 

The VARK method is commonly used by teachers when it comes to learning something new. After reading this article, you’ll understand what this method is about and how your child can use it for learning. Remember that all people learn in different ways? The VARK method can explain what types of learning exist and what they mean. 

  1. Visual

The first group of people are those who are visual learners. These people absorb the information in all kinds of graphics, maps, images, schemes and so on. Videos are also a great thing to help in learning new things for these people, so if you are one of them—know that your power is in the visual content. 

  1. Auditory

Auditory learners absorb the information by hearing it. Such persons can listen to a class, and after it finishes, they’ll already remember all the things that were discussed there. 

  1. Reading/Writing

The third one is a group where people learn from reading. This has to be the luckiest people on earth because once they read something, they already retain the information and can use it in the future and obtain success

  1. Kinesthetic

Kinesthetic learners are the most rare ones. A person like this learns something by making it with their own hands. Such people are very creative and can resolve any kind of problem in the most interesting and unexpected ways. 

Now you know that there are groups of people with different learning styles, so you don’t have to make your child retain information in the way you used to because your kid may be of a different kind of learners. 

Kids learning: How to help your child learn

Motivation for kids: where to find it?

Motivation is a very important thing when it comes to learning. Kids are even more in need of this because their brain works too fast, and they don’t want to sit and do something boring like learning how to write. They live wonderfully without this knowledge, and parents are those people who have to interest a child and show that learning can be fun and interesting even when you learn at home. In this case, you can use all the distance learning tools you’ll find.

These are the most effective ways to motivate a child for learning:

  1. Make the atmosphere

As a parent, you can make the whole process of learning more comfortable. Begin with the right atmosphere by making a good setup for work and buying cool things like stickers with your child's favorite characters. 

  1. Encourage to express the opinion 

When you help your children to learn, let them make all the suggestions openly and sincerely. Be patient and don’t rush to correct your kids, they may have other views on the topic of learning. It may be wrong, but your goal is teaching a child to say and ask the questions.

  1. Give all they need

As an adult, you have the opportunity to buy all the necessary things for your child to learn in the most comfortable way. First of all, buy a good chair and a desk where your kid will learn. After that, make sure your child has access to applications which may help them in learning. It may be a vocabulary with spelling of words or a screen recorder. Such tools help a child to retain all the information so that later they could have access to it. You can help and explain to your child how screen recording on Mac works, for your children to have everything needed for education.

Kids learning: How to help your child learn

Dos and don'ts for a parent 

At this point, you may think that you know how to teach your child and interest them in the learning process, but there are small things that can ruin everything and your child will be scared and bored with the whole concept of learning. 

Here we are to explain to you what you have to do and what things you should avoid as a parent of a child who starts their way in the topic of learning. 

The things that you have to do for encouraging your child to learn:

1.Focus on the process, not the product

Be sure that your kid is learning for the knowledge and not the grades in school

2. Encourage kids to protect themselves

Teach your child not to let anyone make them feel like they are not good enough if they don’t know or understand something.

3. Keep a long-term perspective

Don’t require fast results when it comes to learning kids. You’ll see the results after a lot of times, the main thing is to be patient and wait for the success

4. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule

Ask your children if they’re comfortable enough to learn, they have to sleep and eat well for the brain to work normally.

5. Love your children the way they are 

Never ever compare your children and let them think that you would love them more if they could learn something faster. These kinds of words may traumatize the kid, and they’ll never be able to learn without feeling guilty. 

The things you should avoid as a parent:

1. Overschedule

Make sure that your child has enough time to rest and have fun, the other way you risk the health of your kid.

2. Worship grades

Grades are not as important as you may think. Teachers sometimes can’t see that a child is struggling or isn’t motivated enough for that particular class.

3. Compare kids to one another

It’s one of the worst things that you may do to your child. This kind of behavior will never make your child learn effectively and only create oceans between you two. 

4. Love kids based on their performance

Every single child is wonderful and should be loved. Don’t love your children based on what they can do, it’s an awful thing to do as a parent. 

Those were the dos and don'ts for a parent with a learning kid. Be sure that you don’t make those mistakes and your child is comfortable and safe enough. Remember, that a child who finds learning a fun process will always be interested in education

Easy steps to interest your child in learning

As adults, we understand that children really need to learn a lot of information, but it’s not that obvious for a 5 years old person. Your main goal as a parent is helping the child see that learning is interesting and fun by following easy steps to interest your child in education

  1. Buy them cool pens, notebooks, folders, pencils and so on

  2. Tell them you won’t be mad if something does not work

  3. Show your child that you love to learn too

  4. Always be near them in moment of success and failures 

  5. Encourage them to speak openly about the difficulties 

  6. Let them know that they can count on your help

These easy steps will help you interest your child in learning, the main thing is not to forget to use them. All the kids have to feel that they are loved by the parents, and they would love them even if they fail the test. Be sure that your kids understand that they learn for developing and becoming an intelligent person, and not just for the grades

You can become the best teacher for your child if you’ll use the tips that we listed in this article and love your child no matter what. We hope you’ll have the amazing journey of making the first steps in learning with your kids and have enough patience to grow them as intelligent and confident people. 

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