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Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2

Posted on the 17 June 2015 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
I really enjoy reading these types of posts on other blogs myself, so I thought I'd show you a few of the latest things we've added to the collection of things that we have for baby boy number two. Some of the things I've already spoken about or shown you in previous non-haul type posts but I thought it would be nice to do a little round-up type post anyway.

Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2 

Jellycat Bunny
We picked up this rather cute little Jellycat bunny in John Lewis and decided that he will be a gift from Ethan to his little brother when he's born. We thought it would be nice and sentimental as hopefully this will go on to become baby's favorite teddy and bedtime comfort, just like Ethan's Jellycat doggy is to him. 

Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2

Striped cotton all-in-one

This gorgeous gray and white striped all-in-one from The Essential One is what we have picked out as baby's coming home outfit. The cotton is super soft and it has a stretchy material sort of feel to it that I just know he'll be really comfortable in. I love the colours and style too, I thought it was perfect for a little boy.Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2Booties and newborn sized socksBoth of the above are from John Lewis again, I love the little nautical-style theme of them. I think the  nautical theme is going to be really trendy for little boys this summer and with baby going to be a little summer baby, I just couldn't resist. Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2Baby all-in-one sleep suitI picked this little sleep suit up in Gap last month but it was in the sale, so I'm not sure if they'll still have them or not. I really love the color and design, again, I thought it looked pretty trendy so I couldn't leave it behind. Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep MachineI've seen a few really good reviews floating around the internet on the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, it's purpose is to Make a fresh bottle at the correct temperature in less than two minutes whilst removing any impuririties that are present in the water. From the reviews, I really like how easy it looks to use and how much easier it seems to make things when preparing bottles. I haven't set ours up yet, but I'm really hoping that it'll be as good as the reviews suggest. 

Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #23 Pack Large Muslins
I got this pack of three large muslin cloth's in John Lewis for around £20. I know that might seem quite steep for muslin cloth's but as I know I'll use them so often, I wanted something a little different to the plain old boring white ones I had last time around when Ethan was born. I have some of the aiden + anais muslin cloths too and I love the design they have on them and the fact that they are meant to stay soft no matter how many times they get washed (unlike the cheap white ones I had with Ethan that got stained very quickly and then went hard in the washing machine). Another thing I like about these ones in particular is the fact that they are quite large so when clean can potentially be used for swaddling or as a little light blanket for baby on warm summer days.
Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2Sleep bag

This little sleep bag from Baby Gap caught my eye instantly, mostly because it's just so mini! I cannot tell you how utterly soft it is, it's ridiculously snug and I couldn't think of anything nicer to sleep in - I want an adult-sized one for myself! I couldn't put it down in the shop so it had to come home with us and I really can't wait to put baby in it!Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2Baby boy bear three pack of vests

These gorgeous super soft little vests came in a three pack from The Essential One and I can't get over how utterly adorable and mini they are! I also have the matching baby grows to go with them and I just know that they are going to look adorable on.

Last Round up Haul of Things for Baby #2

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