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Laying One's Cards on the Table.

Posted on the 08 September 2021 by Lucyvictoria
Laying one's cards on the table.Well, hey. What a crazy a few months huh! (and by that, I'm talking about current society quite frankly.) Anyone else feeling that way ?? Bar the millions that protest around the globe but lets pretend we don't see that shall we.. 
So, I like to speak honestly on this outlet but I need to get more honest because my thoughts are screaming to get out. If you check out my Insta, there's a few snippets but yeah, I am so sick of this smear campaign against people who go against the narrative of everyone around us. 
I find it fascinating that people wish to become an increasingly non-binary world but opinions, ooh no there’s either correct or incorrect, as if opinions are an indication to what tribe you belong to. Opinions like these make others uneasy, like having an alternative point of view is an assault on someone else’s moral character. Can we not extend the courtesy of tolerance to listening to those with whom we disagree rather than shutting them down? The hot topic has, indeed, been Covid. Here goes nothing:
I have been missing my friend Fénian so very much and have conversations with him in my head as to how he'd feel about society right now. He was a libertarian. Much much more politically minded than me but he was all for freedom of choice, justice, fairness, integrity. I feel like he'd wish to stand up for individual rights. It pains me that he is not here to share opinions... Personally, if I didn't listen to all perspectives of a person's views and take them on board, I'd be a lousy Social Worker. I may not agree but a carefully considered and researched opinion is valid nonetheless.         I have faith in informed consent & decisions. For example, if a person understands/is aware of all risks and benefits yet they still make what you think is an unwise decision, that person owns that decision; whatever may happen after, is on them. If said person has the capacity to do that, so be it. 
I'm seeing division created, discrimination, hatred, coercion. It's terrible. Anti-vaxx versus. vaxxed. I'm sorry, since when does saying 'no or undecided' to a C vaccination mean you're against vaccinations? Pigeonholing people, calling them unhygienic or selfish for not taking it up or ditching friendships- What world is this. Residents in care homes are still being denied visitors causing immeasurable damage to their wellbeing. Breaching Human Rights, no?
I'm sympathetic to those who've lost their life or dealing with side effects from the illness (I know a couple of people who've suffered & I empathise) but I also worry for those who've experienced an adverse reaction to this vaccine. I dislike that they get zero news coverage. Do their voices or needs not matter then?The vaccine rollout has been very successful. Those who are vulnerable, work in the caring roles or those with co-morbidities/respiratory issues were in greater need of it. We know full well that transmission is still likely, albeit symptoms are reduced (not 98% effective then..) There is public health & protection of others yes but we all have personal responsibility to look after our bodies too. The finer details are complex IMO and people need to be having educated discussions, not berating others & I mean on any side here       Goal posts have been moved time and time again. In July, restrictions were largely removed for England- Should have been 21st June. Covid's ruined enough lives; lets not ruin life more with vaccine passports & continued pcr testingAgain, am I isolated in these thoughts?I just wish people would stop being angry or offended about the opinions of others. It should be ok to have a different opinion and make our own choices regarding our bodies and minds.You don't agree with me? Well cool, why don't we have an intellectual conversation about it to understand each other's opinions then! I mean, christ, when did this go out of fashion.Don't get me wrong, on a positive note, it's been bloody great to go out & about as "normal" and socialise, go to attractions, events. I do respect that there are still people who are tentative due to their own personal reasons/medical history, those who have every right to be cautious if they're immunocompromised (pre-Covid,) but my intuition tells me that normal may be something of the past- I hope I'm wrong and we fully go back to circa 2019, but yeah I don't know. Rant over! Have a great month!
Edit: I wrote this towards the end of August but was unsure whether to post or not, but I since went away for a week to Yorkshire (beautiful Dales I'll add) and lets just say, I felt like I'd gone back a year.      I have also been demanded to get a C vaccination. If I don't comply, I lose my job. Ick. Making the vacs mandatory is a choice that doesn't sit well with me; it feels odd that in a job that encourages choice & independence, I'm being forced even though I follow PPE guidelines at work. 
So yeah, I'm posting. At work, I keep quiet, I don't share my thoughts on this but then a colleague bravely shared their thoughts in a Teams meeting so I guess I felt encouraged to share this. 

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