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Learning to Share - Brothers March 2016

Posted on the 15 March 2016 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
It makes me giggle watching little Logan attempting to grab everything within his sight with his tiny little hands and his even tinier little fingers. It's as if, if he can see it it's his and that goes for his big brothers things too. 
Learning to share - Brothers March 2016
Ethan's not entirely sure how to feel about that - on one hand it's great that his little bro' wants to get involved - he's a friend to play cars with. On the other hand, Ethans told me on numerous occasions that the reasons Logan can't have his things is because Ethan doesn't want them to be eaten - which to be honest is totally fair enough. His little brother does not only want to grab everything possible within sight, he also wants to eat everything within sight. 
Learning to share - Brothers March 2016
The boys make each other laugh unexpectedly a lot of the time. At the moment, they think it's funny when one of them is doing something they shouldn't. I think at 8 months and very nearly 3, they're already starting to learn how to gang up on Adam and I. They also do this thing where Ethan fake laughs, copying the way Logan giggles - which then makes Logan laugh, which then makes Ethan do it even more. So we'll have a whole random five minutes of pure Ethan and Logan giggles - it's like they've got their own private joke and Mummy and Daddy aren't invited to know what it is. 
It's funny because as Logan attempts to get a little more active, Ethans right there by his side showing him how it's done. At the moment, we've got a lot of rolling going on - Ethan's the chief master of rolling (obviously) and he likes to demonstrate to his younger brother exactly what goes in to the art of being a master roller like he is himself. We've had a few Ethan rolls that have landed on top of Logan, but to Logan that's just all part of the fun. 
Learning to share - Brothers March 2016Learning to share - Brothers March 2016
It's great to experience bringing up a baby who has a sibling. With Ethan it would cross my mind that we didn't really know any other little baby friends when he was younger. But it's just not something I have to worry about this the around as I know that Logan will always have his older brother to share his time and all of his milestones with. 
Learning to share - Brothers March 2016
Learning to share - Brothers March 2016
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