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LEGO Skittles

Posted on the 29 June 2020 by Suzanne Robinson @mummy2twinsblog

Note: This first appeared on my Kiddipedia article - Creative Activities for Kids

Making LEGOLEGO Skittles Skittles is so much fun and a great activity to keep little kids entertained.

Playing with LEGO helps kids with problem-solving, confidence, creativity, and problem skills.

LEGO Skittles Steps:
  1. Use LEGO EGO DUPLOLEGO Skittles/L
  2. Start building towers
  3. Make 5 - 6 different towers or more it is up to you
  4. Decorate your towers with animals or other LEGO items
  5. Get a small ball and then see how many skittle towers you can knockdown
  6. If they break, build them again and keep on playing
LEGO Skittles

Enjoy and have fun playing LEGO Skittles.

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LEGO Skittles

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